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    Hi Karsoph, would you mind clarifying: When you said,"but EVEN WHEN I SHUT IT OFF and my daughter was using the barbie app-I was sitting beside her ...I had to lie down on the..." Did you shut off the Wi-Fi router in your home but leave the Wi-Fi function "ON" on the iPad, or did you shut off BOTH the router and the Wi-Fi button on the iPad?

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    Hi Technocity,

    I turned off the wifi option on the ipad as well as turned off the wifi in the house...

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    Everyone has an agenda.. So does Technocity. There are several potential reasons for nausea etc. Some more likely than others. Only by identifying the correct source can you solve the problem. Scaremongering tactics works best for stuff you can't perceive by human senses. But it doesn't make it true.


    Use your head.

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    Hi Wibin,

    well...I don't have an whole purpose in buying an ipad was to download movies and tv shows for my 3 yr old so when we go away I can pull them up easily to give her something to do...the apps were an added surprise which I really liked...she liked them to...unfortunately I couldn't function feeling sick and with a headache when it was on whether wifi was on or that it is out of the house I dont have any of the symptoms...I am not trying to scare anyone...I am just an honest person and I do think there are others who suffer the same thing...I am an mri technologist and we scan people with headaches and migraines all the time...alot of people  end up with nothing showing or no problems yet they have these sypmtoms...I have to question whether their problems are due to what I experienced with the ipad...just a thought?

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    You are right everyone has an agenda. and a point of view, and an experience. So lets just see if wireless is the problem, then it can be ruled out as the problem. As for scaremongering, its just not something you agree with, fine. And never probably will?


    An example you may go into a room where there is an terrible smell, and after a while the smell goes as have desensitized. Another person comes into the room, and they can smell it, but you cant. Does that me you made it up. All in the head as you would put it?? Well it isn't in your feet!! : )


    As for people who are effected by wireless, sometimes you can desensitize from it before the pain receptors hit home, other times its just too much and the dizzy spells and headaches happen. The human body does not have a clean on off switch. Un like a ipad.


    If you have any form of wireless near your bedroom, many people report a disturbed sleep pattern, i.e. waking around 4-am. REM  Turn it all off and guess what, you sleep. Remember all in the mind! : )


    Carry you phone in your front pocket, get the Phantom text messages sometimes? Thats the phone logging onto the mobile mast. All in the mind. : ) Read the manual it states, never put in your pocket.


    For the scientists out there look up Crypto-chromes and Magnetite in the human bodies. Birds are thought to be effected by the earths magnetic fields to navigate, we too have these minerals in our bodies, do some people have more than others?




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    Hi Wibin,

    I dont know why you are writing all this gobblygoop...the fact is that the ipad made me sick even with the wifi off...that is scaring tactics...didn't have my cell phone on or near me...not desensitized because when it is on I am sick when it is away from me I am fine.

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    I personally know an MRI technologist who had to leave the field because she became sensitive to electromagnetic fields. Every time she went into the room where the MRI machine was, she got extremely dizzy. The MRI machine was something like 1.5 Tesla.


    Her sleep was poor and she had most of the classic symptoms of electromagnetic sensitivity.

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    Karsoph, if you have Wi-Fi turned off both in the house and on the ipad and still feel dizzy, then RF might not be the reason for you. However, you did the right thing by returning it because you did not feel well. Right now it's still unexplained but in future you might find out. Not worth the risk. Wibin has probably not met anyone who is sensitive to these frequencies. When he does he will understand.

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    Hi It Network Admin...

    I have been in the mri field for over 5 years but havent had any problems...I know some people are sensitive to 3Tesla and over...they get dizzy but have never heard of anyone actually leaving the field...but you never know...for me it doesn't bother me...I do get affected when I go into an apple store because they have all their ipads on and the wifi...

    Thanks Technocity...I don't think that Wibin does understand but that is ok because I know there are few people like me who are sensitive to the ipad-whatever the ipad is emitting can be an issue...I am sensitive to it and there has to be a may not be a good thing...I haven't felt that way with other is unexplained but I think alot of people and companies are looking into rf side effects and other emissions from products...even with cell phone towers...I have heard alot of people are concerned...

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    Ok, this is going the usual way boards are going. If you are here posting, first read all the post history.


    This is really an old topic going back tens of years.


    1. First of all, the discomfort is not unexplained. Potential sources of the discomfort are well known and coutless people have identified the problem to be something else than RF radiation.


    2. I have never said that there are no RF sufferers. I may be one. I got a very slight headache from a cheap wi-fi transmitter approximately 6-7 years ago. The headache was only slight and may have been due to the almost inaudible high frequency pitch emitted by the transmitter. I changed all the devices to be wired and had it that way for several years just to be sure. I now use bluetooth and wifi without a problem as I have identified problems specific to me (related to this case).


    3a. By an agenda I mean generally what drbaltar said. I have an agenda of helping people as objectively as possible. I have helped many people to identify the problem correctly related to this type of discomfort as I am myself a serious sufferer.


    3b. By agenda and scaremongering I refer to the few unlucky people with a serious issue and who are so fixated with their issue that they scroll through all possible forums for help and understanding. In the mean time they participate in each of the forums convinced that all the symptoms others are describing fit his or her diagnosis. This may be trying to help, but I feel it's highly subjective and will only spark considerable clashes of viewpoints.


    4. I see articles posted here refered to as scientific evidence of some sort. But they are of bad quality and cherry picked and I don't like people misusing scientific research to prove any point. There are also countless studies where there has been proved to be no linkage between RF radiation and people who claim to be sensitive to it. The reason may be that for most it is psychosomatic, or the discomfort is of different origin. I do not doubt that there are those who actually suffer from RF/EF sensitivy, but the number of those truly suffering from it are trumped by the sheer volume of people who think they have it due to misdiagnosis or due to psycosomatics (placebo effect). There are also plenty of cases that prove correlation, but the evidence is hardly conclusive due to the poor specification of subject groups.


    5. Please read my earlier posts to actually know what we have been talking about:

    If my memory serves me correct, the thread starter has already notified that the case is closed (the problem identified). So this is not an ongoing debate as such.


    6. My personal experience is that I see the display flicker, and I have connected that with my problems. This is very tangible evidence, but from what I've understood, most people do not see the flicker. With some devices the screen flickers more, with some less. The ones that flicker more cause me almost instant nausea.

    I have written most of the topics here with a samsung galaxy note on 3g and on wifi alternatively, often using bluetooth keyboard much of the time - I have not had one dizzy spell or a single headache using this combination. Galaxy note is not however the least flicker phones, but it's better than most. I preferred perhaps my previous phone, ZTE Skate, for flicker. However, brand is no way to tell whether the phone/tablet/laptop is good for you as it is entirely dependend on where the screen (&backlight) has been sourced from. One of the lowest flicker laptops has been Dell, and incidentally one of the highest also a Dell.


    7. Just to make it clear, this is not an attack on Apple or iPads. I think the ipad infrastructure is superior to that of android at the moment. Sadly more power efficient screens (higher quality?) also seem to flicker more, and thus are more likely to cause the discomfort. As all ipads appear to flicker, it seems you have no option but not to use your ipad if you value your health. Pixel density / resolution has nothing to do with the nausea apart from a little pixel grid irritation which would make previous gen worse, not vice versa. EF/RF is a potential source, but coincidence rate is likely to be one tenth or less in comparison to the perceived nausea from flicker.


    In short, if you have never suffered before from nausea eg. when using a laptop on wireless, but you do when using and ipad, it is likely that it is due to the backlight flicker. I know that constant and aggreting RF/EF exposure makes sense, but the change in display technology is a more obvious culprit, and easy to test and solve (eg. my case).


    I think this thread should be closed as now there appear to be only trollers or people who have not read the entire thread. LCD backlight and RF discomfort are well documented in other places too should you want to continue the debate.




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    Has anyone experienced numbness or tingling in their arms or hands after using the iPad? I try not to hold it on my lap or near my body, but if I do whatever area of my body it is near gets a burning, tingling or numb feeling. Plus I feel nauseous at the same time.

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    Hi, yes I felt that but it mostly gave me a headache and nausea...I had to return it...I got a mac air which doesn't give me any side effects...since you are feeling nauseous it might be good to return it...there is a reason why it makes people feel off...I think it is the rf coming off of it and I dont think it is a good thing...hope this helps,


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    Interesting comment. What about Choline, and the effects of diets that limit the functioning of it - ie vegan diets, high water and alcohol diets (water as high endurance atheletes may need).  low salt, with poor calcium amd potassium intakes and a lower than average intake of the broad b-Complex range can also lead to sensory sensitivenes, and ironically, reduced nerve impulse handling.  Balance (nausea) is also dependent on the functioning of the inner ear components, including the fluid and nerves inside the cochlea.  Since we are indeed a product of what we eat, there may well be things that can be done to help alleviate symptoms that some are sufferring from. Many drugs also have a range of side effects, that whilst in normal everyday environments may not be noticable but, prolonged use of items, or keeping of certain postures or activities for longer periods, may well bring these effects to the fore.

    My advice would be- see a doctor - that's what they are there for. make notes, keep a diary, include elements of your lifestyle and diet, all may help a doctor make a good prognosis and may lead to a better understanding, and possibly, a solution to your problems.

    Best wishes, Ct

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    Thanks Karsoph, my daughter won one thru her school, and I've had mine for a couple of months now so I dont think I can return them. I never had these symptoms until I got mine and she has been complaining of severe headaches since getting hers too. I love the iPad, the apps, etc. but after reading all these posts I'm wondering if it is just a coincidence or if they are safe to use.


    Thanks Coppertiger, I do plan to discuss it with our doctor and see what he thinks. But first I'm going to try not using it for awhile to see if the conditions improve.


    Honestly, I don't want bad health, but I really hope that it isn't the iPads causing it, if that makes sense.... Because I really do like this product.


    Best wishes for you both and thanks again for your inputs, :)

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    Hi Horselady,

    I work in mri and scan lots of people with headaches and migraines...if your daughter is getting headaches it isnt worth it...Apple is an excellent company and most likely will take the product back based on the fact that it is a health problem...I am sure they know about these things happening...I met a lady who owns 2 computer stores with apple being 20% of the product (her stores are in the Sates) and she told me she had a customer come in with the same problem...and said that because she has to eat the cost for returns she did alot of research and found out this is happening with people all be it a small amount but it is happening and had to give the customer a is much more important:)

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