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    Hi Karsoph,


    Thank you, I'm going to talk to my doctor about my concerns and symptoms, also my daughter's. In the mean time we are going to take a break from the iPad to see what happens. I bought mine online from the Apple store so if it is determined that is the cause, I will see if they'll take it back. I know they do sell refurbished ones too, so they might. Thanks again! :)

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    Hi Guys...Headaches due to RF/mobile radiation etc.

    I am a private phone user, age 58, and thought would wade into debate.

    I have suffered from headaches using mobile phones ever since they have been introduced. This has seen me change countless sets within literally hours of purchase, and even my own family never used to understand. Thoug I work in broadcasting, I have never experienced this in any other instance except when I use a mobile phone. I have been known to actually tell if a mobile phone is OFF or ON without looking at it!

    My doctors over the ye3ars have failed to identify/link what could be causing this. I also have a pre-disposition to headaches, but I guess the mobiles make it worse.

    In Apples defence, iPhones are one of the few handsets I ha ve been able to tolerate, with minimal/no effect at all. I cannot understand why this is because going according to SAR (Specific Absorption Levels), my iPhone 4 (am also ok with iPhone 3GS which I use), has got a much higher rating (around 1.0 from memory) than the Samsung Galaxy Note which I took delivery of 24 hours ago, and have returned it to Amazon today! I had hardly used it since arrival in post in the morning, when by late afternoon my headaches were unbearable, and because I already know my problem, identified it to the Samsung Galaxy Note. I hadnt said anything to my wife until she also said she had a nasty headache! No it wasnt during sex or before even! She is normally unaffected by electro-magnetic radiation!

    This is just my anecdote, I am no expert in the field, but it is nice to know am not alone! If there are any experts/researchers/doctors who wish to pursue this further with me, I am available! Havent used iPad yet so cant comment. Am now hoping Iphone 5 comes with larger screen so I can replace Galaxy Note with that. I do wear glasses for what its worth. Hope this has helped someone.

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    A lot more research is obviously needed to pinpoint the biological impacts o humans from the electromagnetic spectrum.  But one fact is known - and that is that the human body acts as a natural aerial for electromagnetic waves.  Considering the nature of the human body as a giant electrical generator in its own right, absorbtion and re-radiation of electric fields, some of which any certain body may have a biological resonance to, is not something that can be easily ignored.

    However, as is the case with just about every field of technical revolution over the centuries, hindsight is a wonderful thing, though not without consequences for a great many affected by any particular invention.

    Headaches, can be caused by any number of factors, though it is generaly accepted that many (to a large degree) are the effect of chemical imbalances within the biological framework that makes us what we are.

    Best advice that anyone can give/get is - eat a balanced and healthy diet, exercise regularly, and ensure periodic checks to help pinpoint possibly problems at an early stage.

    Most of all, if something seems to affect you in a particuar way - avoid it wherever possible.  Mobile technology is seen by the greater part of the technically revolutionised world as something we cannot live without - but as someone who lived a childhood without mobile and microwave technology, I personally have to question whether the so called benefits are all they are cracked up to be.  From a purely financial perspective - they are something I could easily live without, if only for the extra money - and no doubt time to spend doing other more health benefitting pasttimes. Though somewhat ironically i do enjoy using the technology to have conversations like this.  Could I live without it....?  Well I used to....

    Best wishes, Ct

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    Thank you CT...

    I hear you. I tend to concur as well with most of what you said, call me an old whatnot....!!!

    Just to add to my contribution earlier, following previous advice from other quarters, I made sure that my Bluetooth was turned off on all the devices near me when the headaches set in yesterday. I am on home wifi which is always on on my laptop, but that does not affect me at all, regardless of how long I stay online (have been up all night studying/researching online sometimes, no effect). So the wi fi on my two iPhones around me were on(iPhone 3GSand iPhone 4s), as well as my laptop, and The Samsung Galaxy Note. Am saying this just to paint more accurate picture for those who may wish to comment further. I read on these posts today that wi-fi may affect headaches, but that is only with hindsight. Would have turned it off the NOTE, but still doesnt quite make sense in view of what I said about other devices currently turned on and not affecting me!

    Thanks guys...let's hope we find the answers somewhere. On a general note to fellow contributors, as far as I can see, different devices affect different people in different ways. I would therefore reserve judgement on maligning anyone who presents a view that may not be shared by many. Someone once said the patient,  not the doctor, is actually the expert of their disease/ailment! But that is not say the patient may also be misguided!

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    I just bought a iPad 2 yesterday and noticed after using it for a hour or two while setting it up I was feeling nauseus to my stomach and was getting a low grade headache.  Happened again this evening while messing around with it.  I think I am going to have to return it.


    I wonder if the higher res screen on the iPad 3 will fix it?  Unfortunately I don't have a spare $100 to get the 3 hence why I got the 2.

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    Messed around with my sisters New iPad and the same problem persisted.  In fact I have been feeling nausous for a few days now.  It always gets far worse soon as I turn the iPad 2 on and start using it.  For me it seems to be a visual thing since I sit and start at a LED backlit laptop for 8 hours a day no farther than 30 feet with no walls between me and a wireless router and have used LCD's and Cellphones and Wireless routers for years.  Seems to be purely visual.


    Will be returning my iPad 2 tomorrow.  Not sure if I want a Android tablet, I feel that Android is just a mess right now with so many different OS versions out there and resolutions and cpu cores and graphic capabilities, etc...  Maybe try a MS Surface tablet in October when it comes out..

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    Hi Just googled nasuea from LEDs and found this forum. I've had this problem for a few years now, it started with a headtourch I had 5 yrs ago that had LED bulbs in it and yeah it is probably the LED bulbs that are causing it. For me anyway. I can't look at any screens that are back lit with led bulbs. I am sick within seconds, like trying to read in a car. Mobile phones, laptops, tvs, mp3s, everything that is LED backlit causes a problem. Soon LED bulbs will be everywhere. In shops. peoples homes, oncoming traffic, the dashes on newer vehicles, technology in the work place. We got LED bulbs installed at work and within minutes I was getting sick in the bathroom. I'm now survivng on anti sickness tablets just to get through the day which isn't good long term. It's a very real and frustrating problem. It's not just Apple's products. Does anyone know how to over come this? Or do we have to wait for better technology? I'm using a 9 year old computer at the mo which is slow and not ideal. Will continue to read some more posts.

    I found recently online that LED bulbs turn on and off 120 times per second and this causes some people to become physically sick. Which is the case for me. I cannot use any technolgy that uses LED bulbs. Led backlit screens are definitley more intense than say LED lighting in a shop. I can tolerate LED lighting just a few mins longer before I'm sick and get severe headache

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    YuanLin wrote:


    Is it just me or someone else also feels dizzy or nausea after using iPad for a while?

    I guess it might have to do with the scrolling effect, especially in Safari. I don't know what is the term to describe the cool effect of speeding up at the beginning and the slowing down at the end of a scrolling move, which simulates the movement of a physical object. It is ok on a smaller screen (on iPhone). But on the bigger screen (on iPad), I feel like the whole world is moving in front of me. I simply wish there is just a page up or page down button.

    Am I alone?

    I know this is an old thread, but still... the dizziness was related to the low resolution of the first two iPad models. The eyes are continuously trying to focus blurred text but, of course, they can't as the resolution is bad; hence the dizziness.

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    Elaineyd wrote:



    I found recently online that LED bulbs turn on and off 120 times per second and this causes some people to become physically sick. Which is the case for me. I cannot use any technolgy that uses LED bulbs. Led backlit screens are definitley more intense than say LED lighting in a shop. I can tolerate LED lighting just a few mins longer before I'm sick and get severe headache

    Well, you've found the right person to speak to: I too hate such LED bulbs and have ordered and very thoroughly tested LED bulbs that produce even light (read: no 120Hz strobing). After having switched to these great bulbs, I no longer have any problems (dizziness) related to the strobing effect.


    Please see my post at


    EDIT: in the case of the iPad 1, this isn't a problem as its backlight doesn't strobe. It's the low resolution screen that is causing the problems.

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    I use my iPad about an hour a day and have never had any problems like this. I'm also still waiting for it to get even vaguely warm. I figured if it did I might be able to use it as ahot water bottle.

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    Menneisyys wrote:


    I too hate such LED bulbs and have ordered and very thoroughly tested LED bulbs that produce even light (read: no 120Hz strobing).

    Perhaps I missed something in my fifty years in the field.  How can you eliminate 120Hz strobing when using 60Hz AC power?

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    I had to discontinue using iPad 3, Magic Trackpad, Magic Mouse, and the trackpad on a MacBook Air due to the symptoms produced after many years of exposure.


    ALL Apple touch products broadcast radio-frequency energy directly into the nervous system. iPads use a 200KHz square wave pulse that fires into your fingertips sixty times a second.


    Multi-touch just looks like magic because the antenna grid glued under the glass is practically invisible. However, make no mistake, it's not magic. It's a form of low-powered radar, and constitutes a form of dirty electricity.


    If you have a radio that can pick up on the 200KHz range (or up to 800KHz AM), you will hear exactly how dirty it actually is.


    I no longer recommend any touch product that uses radio pulse energy, but Apple's are by far the strongest and produce the worst symptoms to someone like myself who's become sensitised due to prolonged usage.


    LED strobing, the "heartbeat" of the touch screen as it clears itself regularly, the noise of the chips inside, and the digital radios, the speaker magnet, all these contribute to the emissions signature of an iPad but by far the most sensitising is the electrical interface with your body that allows the touchscreen to operate.

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    Using rectifiers with rectifier output smoothing (see ) - this is how quality LED bulbs work.

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    Your using it wrong.

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    I've got the same problem. Just bought the ipad and noticed a feeling of sickness. If this persists and I can't even type on the thing to take notes for classes then the item is totally useless. Not sure whether it's the scrolling issue or the led, but Apple needs to fix this as it will eliminate a sizable portion of consumers who look to the ipad to do actual work, not just play games. Apple, can you make a simple product that allows folks to read for hours without eye strain, check email, and type notes? Simple. Plenty of academics will buy this.

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