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  • dxgriffiths Level 1 (0 points)

    And, as much as it'd be nice to ignore the mechanics of the touchscreen technology itself in causing the ill effects, and blame it on animation or some other factor, the reality is that the new iPad's glass is much thinner than before and the signal is therefore stronger. Previous iPads did not force as much energy into the user's fingers (although any seems like too much to me), and it has to be treated as a potential cause of these problems.


    Bathing your fingertips in a scratchy, pulsing radio field to see how mucb is absorbed is not the "magic" most people would expect, in my opinion. I won't be replyin any further, this thread seems poorly moderated and populated with too many ****-takers.


    Apple, please clean up your technology.

  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,695 points)

    No need to be rude.

  • Spock66 Level 1 (0 points)

    The Ipad uses a an ordinary capacitive touchscreen.

    It´s the same technology used in most mobile phones. It does not send out any pulsed radio waves to detect motion.

    It's the changes in the capacitance on the screen that is measured. A DSP then calculates which part or parts of the screen that is affected.

    Here in Sweden there are many who think they are electrosensitive when they get sick of sitting in front of a computer screen.

    But most people do not know that the main cause of the nausea/eye strain is flickering. Many people think that LCD / LED screens are flicker-free, but they're not.

    There are a very few screens that is. Most manufacturers use unfortunately PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to control the brightness instead of analog dimming.

    Some people are more sensitive to flicker than others, and that makes them bad.

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    I heard that Pure View screen may solve the problem of flickering. I heard Nokia will build some phones with such a screen and claims it is flicker free.

    Personally i have tried the iphone 3gs, HD7, and Galaxy SII. They all gave me eye strain and headache, although for the Samsung phone i had heard that it flickers less than other phones due to the Amoled screen.

    Bottom line i cannot use any touch screen or a led baclight monitor without getting eye strain and headache. I cant figure out what is causing these symptoms. Maybe flicker is the cause.



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    It's very annoying to not be able to use certain things. With regard to the ipad, i have almost given up. I've tried to get used to it, but it seems to be impossible. I get pain in the eyes, even if I set the backlight to the lowest. In addition, I'm starting feel very bad after a while.

    I used it about an hour for about a week ago. It took about 2 days before I started to feel good again, and five days before the eyepain disappeared.

    It's very strange?


    I have read in various forums to find a solution to the problem and i think it is a combination of several causes.


    1) LED (WLED) emits blue light. It can cause both sleep disorders and eye problems for some.


    2) Small screen with extremely high resolution, combined with super soft scrolling = Seasickness for those who are sensitive or have problems with the inner ear.


    3) Pwm flicker = Eye Strain. But i'm almost convinced that the ipad does not use Pwm. I can not see any flicker, even if I set the backlight at the bottom.


    Some claim that the Wifi (2.4GHz) is not good. Some research supports it. But I've never been poor of a mobile phone and it is also on a similar wavelength but with more power (Gsm 900MHz and 1800MHz. 3G - 2.1GHz).

    It is possible that many people have problems of Wifi, Mobile Phones, etc. One should not reject the possibility, for we know far too little about radio wave impact of the human body and nervous system.

    But as long as there's lots of money to be made, so long will they deny that they are dangerous.

    Maybe we'll see the harmful effects of certain technologies in the future?


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    In my case i think it has something to do with the screen. I never had any issues with cell phone radiation or wifi or touchpads (as far as i know they also use capacitative technology).

    But as soon as i look at the screen then the problem starts. It may sound strange but sometimes i have the sense i need to focus harder to look at the screen, like something is moving on it although i do understand the screen is much sharper than older screens. In the ipad this is even more intense than with the iphone. Yet i do not have this problem with my current nokia E5-00 or with any of the phones i used in the past like the Blackberry 9000 or with any of the computer screens i have used.

    Some people claim is the use of the led backlight in screens instead of CCFL that older screens had.

    I am beginning to agree with this perspective since i do get eye strain with any led screen of any brand i have used so far.

    I also checked all the screens i have used and they all use CCFL for backlight. So it seems in my case that something is wrong with the leds.

    Hope the engineers at Apple work this out. I love their machines.

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    I have finally given up and sold the ipad. I hope that the next generation of the ipad has a screen that is more gentle on the eyes and does not give dizziness and nausea.

    I think future OLED screens will solve many problems today's monitors have.

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    Hi, just saw you mention OLED.  (sorry about your ipad) I'm at my wits end at this stage.  I think I am losing my mind. For me I think I'm nearly 99.99% sure it's the (120hertz) flicker on all LED  monitors and any other type of new monitor that flickers. I know there is so much more going on here for so many people that might be causing their nausea and sickness. But for me it is the flicker of LED causing motion sickness, I think.


    Monitors on  all NEW phones, mp3s, computers, tvs, absolutely everything that uses LED, for me, cause headache and worse nausea and vomiting and a feeling of motion sickness. I first noticed it on a DSS 5 yrs ago.

    Also LED bulbs in shops and peoples homes ,used as lighting, have a similar affect. But it isn't as intense so suddenly.

    My little nephews shoes that have little LED lights on them cause me to be sick within minutes of seeing them. Christmas tree lights are unbearable. Oncoming traffic using LED lights are now causing a problem also. Even power on buttons on appliances etc. LEDs are everywhere.

    After being exposed to LED monitors  on mobiles or laptops however ,the nausea and headache take a number of days to go even though I am away from the object.


    I can't seem to buy an mp3, mobile or laptop that doesn't cause me to be sick. I purchased a basic nokia and a Zen mp3 as I was told they didn't use LED but there must be an equivalent, that also flickers because I had nausea and vomiting after a few minutes.  I have no idea as I am not in the field at all.


    I never had these problems before. My mp3 broke this year as did my mobile and laptop and they were all a number of years old. Any of my friends older items that I have tried recently are fine but anything new is a nightmare so I am convinced it is the flicker of LED.


    I haven't heard of OLEDs but it's a glimmer of hope for the future. I'm not technically minded. I just hope that they help. I've been to two Opticians and my GP and there doesn't seem to be an answer at all, yet. I know it's not my eyes.  At this stage I am think of leaving my job due to LEDs there, I can't go into some shops, bars, restaurants so this is becoming a big issue the more LEDs are being used. I think people might not be aware of the problem even though they might be feeling sick. It might be more widespread than we think. No one in my town that I know has heard if it so it seems like I'm going crazy as thre is no name for it.


    If anyone else reading this feels something similar hopefully you can post. I know it doesn't exactly match the original post but LED seems to be a theme throughout. Thanks for any help any one can give. ps OLED sounds positive if it means people with this problem can use phones and computers again, but LEDs will be everywhere for years to come in shops etc, is there any medication that is safe to take long term or does any one know what this is? Thanks again. Sorry Spock66 didn't mean to reply all of this to you

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    Hi Exandas, I too can't use any monitor backlit with LED which is becoming a major issue now  as I can't seem to buy a phone or laptop that doesn't make me sick. But I also have a problem with all LEDs everywhere. Is it only monitors that cause a problem for you or have you noticed LED bulbs in shops, LED xmas tree lights etc cause problems? I replied to Spock66 so please see that if you have time, I am at my wits end and trying to get to the bottom of it. I originally posted here back in July. Thanks

  • Exandas Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi, know that you are not alone. Besides all the people in the forum, i personally know at least 5 people just in my circle of friends that face the same problem. Also in a large tech store in my country, one salesman told me that he had also heard complaints about laptop screens causing headaches. He told me that there were people asking for a device replacement because they thought that their device was problematic to cause them eye strain and headaches (in my opinion even the replacement would cause the same problems to them).

    Personally i dont remember having any trouble with Xmas lightbolbs, but on the other hand i was never exposed to such light for a long time as i do with my cell phone or computer screen. 

    I am an accountant, so as you can imagine i work 90% of my time in front of a computer screen, so it is really a problem to me as well. To deal with it i have purchased two laptops and an external screen with CCFL backlight instead of LED.

    I think that engineers will find a solution to this. It happened before with the CRT screens; at the beginning many people were experiencing eye strain. Nokia for example is making a phone that says will be flicker free. Maybe such initiatives will help deal with eye strain. Maybe Apple will come up with something. In the past i used to work with Mac white for all day with no symptoms at all. Now even 15 mins in front of MBP makes me sick. So i think as companies try to improve their products they will come up with something that will help with the eye strain.

  • Seamist21 Level 1 (0 points)


    Im the guy who sent back his Galaxy Note after 24 hours coz of dizziness/nausea etc.

    Just as a follow up, have been reading all inputs from fellow iPhoners, do you think that perhaps the clue could be in the brightness of these new found technological marvels of ours? There is a cost of progress. Sooner or later, we experience diminishing returns.

    While still patiently waiting news of a possible Mini iPad, I have found myself with enough time to sample what else is out there in the market, comparing and contrasting with current generation iPad, iPhone 5 et al. I am currently on an iPhone 3GS, having sold off my 4 in anticipation of the 5, but have yet to be convinced! When I was taking pictures of a car outside, I coudnt help noticing that the number plate (as indeed the whole picture, it must be said), is more "Vivid" than reality i.e. looking at car with the open eye!

    My take is there can only be so much we can do to tweak or replicate nature, before perhaps those diminishing returns kick in, coz I then took same photo with a rivals 8MP camera phne, which was even more wildly "Vivid"!


    At a supermarket outlet last night, I wandered amongst several tablet/laptops etc on offer, all switched on...most anyway! I looked at one, Goggle Nexus7, which was kinder "dim". I asked assistant how to reset screen brightness. As I was faffing about with this, I noted that when I boosted display to full brightness mode (as opposed to Auto setting), my eyes started hurting, had a sharp hadache short, memories of that Samsung Gakaxy Note I sent back came flooding in! I then adjusted the bar up and down and noted that at a less bright setting, it was comfortable to behold! No noticeable or nauseating flickering etc, but this comfort would gradually diminish the brighter I made it!


    Anyone suffering from this seemingly brightness induced eyestrain want to try this on their various sreens? Just a thought, and hoping it may help those whose lives and livelihoods depend on proximity/long exposure to these OLED/SUPER AMOLED?LCD what-have-you thingys! At least its worth playing about with yoour screen brightness and setting it to perhaps just a touch dimmer/brighter than you need it to, and not let the technological awe-factor of a super bright screen run away with you, at least until a cure comes along! Would welcome feedback on this! Not tried this on iPad as dont have one...

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    hi dxgriffiths, if there is any chance that you might still be around.  This is a very interesting post.  Can you tell me how you arrived at the details of

    the frequency and pulsing?


    I know people who will be very interested in this issue.  Many of us are sensitized already and don't need more.


    thank you.

  • GeekBoy.from.Illinois Level 4 (2,805 points)

    You say that you are using the decide at teh dimmest setting.  Have you tried using it witht he brightness at the max setting?  I know that when LED computer monitors first came out people had the issues you describe, and they were being caused by the way the LED dimming is done.  LEDs don't "dim" they are eaither on or off.  To give the effect of dimming, manufactures turn teh LEDs on and off at a very high rate, adjusting how long they are off or on to adjust the brightness.  This flicker can cause what you are describing, so turning the brightness all the way up reduces the flicker and might help you if that is the cause.

  • pluviose Level 1 (85 points)

    acadiashores wrote:


    Somebody tell me this goes away after a while.

    It does go away.

    Had the same with my first macbook, i was throwing up like a dog for days. First day I thought it's a  marathon migraine, then i realized it's triggered by the screen. Didn't have the problem at all with the second macbook, but been sick for a day or two after i got the ipad (having one too many g&ts the day before didn't help either, but still..)

    Anyhow, both times it ceased after a few days.


    (I never play games, it was mainly reading written content what triggered the headache / nausea. But I'm prone to the odd migraine, that might be a factor i guess?)

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    We are in the exact same boat, they installed super bright LED ligthing at my work and it makes me dizzy, nuasa, headaches/migraines and makes me feel off balance in general. These LED lights are an issue for me with everything else you listed as well, I have no solution right now and these lights are creeping into our daily lives. I have had to disconnect my fridgirator lights!

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