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    Hi Jessiah1 I know exactly how you feel. This is an awful situation we are in, there has to be others feeling it to this extreme, with all LEDs. If you hear of any solution at all please let me know. I went to the optician again and got glasses with anti glare lens. It takes the edge off the discomfort at work, somehow, with the LED lighting that we have (although brightness and glare don't seem to be the problem, it's the flicker, so not sure what the anti glare lens are doing). The glasses make no difference whatsoever when looking directly at computer monitors, MP3s, phones, my nephews lights on his shoes and anything I look directly at. I don't actually need glasses though as my vision is good. Maybe you could try anti glare glasses. I am waiting for an appointment with a neurologist to see if anything can be done. I have stuck pieces of paper over any power on buttons on appliances that are in my house. Soon Xmas lights everywhere will be a nightmare. I also tried a couple of weeks of presription anti sickness tablets but can't stay on them forever. They made the vomiting go away while I was on them, but the headaches, tiredness and nauesa was still there. I hope we find a solution soon. LEDs have to be bad for our health even for those not sensitive. I have read they distrupt sleep and not to use monitor, phone, etc an hour before going to bed. In our local chemist there is a major increase with people presenting with vertigo, cluster headaches, nausea, migrane. Maybe it is LEDs and they just don't realise it yet.

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    This is really interesting. LED lamps are what are suggested to replace those mercury filled RF radiating compact fluorescents that are replace the incandescent bulbs.


    It's clear that LED's are NOT the answer given how many people in this forum are clearly sensitive to LEDs!


    There are also people in this topic who like me, are not sensitive to LEDs but are electrosensitive (ES) - sensitive to wi-fi, cell phones, home cordless phones, cell towers, etc. and the symptoms are very similar if not identical to LED sensitivity.


    So your local chemist is likely seeing an increase in LED sensitivity and also sensitivity to microwave radiation (ES).

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    Elaine, it sounds like we are one in the same with our symptoms and I think we could benefit from staying touch. I also have started seeing a Neurologist and I plan several other actions as well, one of which is creating a blog about my issue to share with the world. When you say "Local Chemist" are you referring to Pharmacy? Where in the world do you live? I am not sure if it is possible to send you a private message on this forum, could we contact each other using e-mail or Facebook? Let me know your thoughts, it's great to find someone else with my exact symptoms and I think you are right that other people are experiencing similar issues but do not realize the cause....

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    Hi Jessiah1 yes Chemist is Phamacy here in Ireland What country are you in? Yeah we could contact each other via email/facebook. Not sure how to swap emails on this. You setting up a blog might be a very good idea there has to be many more people like us with similar symptoms. The xmas lights on the streets and in the shops are now unbearable


    Worst of all, I and people with similar symptoms only need to see an LED xmas light for a split second or look at a monitor / pc / phone / MP3 / TV that is backlit with LEDs or see LED power on buttons on appliances etc for a second, for the headache and nausea to kick in. It's instant and the feeling lasts for the rest of the day or even a few days depending on how long I am exposed. LEDs are eveywhere now and catch me out no matter how cautious I am. Even traffic on the road using LEDs. Nobody wants to become a hermit


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    I can also contribute that also in my local store a salesman told me that a significant proportion of buyers are returning their ipads, macs, and pcs because they believe there is a malfunction in the screen or in the wi-if and that this causes them eye strain and headaches. Obviously they are not aware about the issue with LEDs. I believe they will soon find out.


    I have pinpointed the issue to the EU by writing an email to them, but the bureaucrats there replied by providing me some kind of manual of workplace safety!!! The EU has released a monster with LEDs. I guess they wanted to be environmental and energy friendly by stopping the production of ccfl screens, but I believe they did not consider the consequences. ANSES posted a report about the dangers of LED lights (


    I believe the authorities around the globe should consider the effect and direct investments to healthier solutions. Artificial light is everywhere plus 95% of all office work is done with computers.  I want to mention that I use computers 20 years now, even CRTs did not cause me such eye strain (if any) as the MBP. 10 mins are enough to make me dizzy and nauseus.

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    Yes, we have the exact same symptoms, we should discuss some other details as well to see if we have some other similarities in life, physical conditions that are the same. I wasn't sure how to get you my contact info without posting it here for everyone to see so I am just going to suggest you find my Facebook page which is blocked to everyone except my friends. You can search me by Jesse Thompson. On another note my Dr. of Optometry has found a photo lens with an anti-reflective coating made specifically for LED light to cut down on the glare, he is going to apply this coating to some glasses for me and we shall see if that works! I also noticed several other posts on this site about people getting headaches and feeling dizzy from their tablets and phones, I dont think they realize the difference is an LED back light from the old technology, I really need to get a blog started about this issue and I will post that on here when I do

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    Hi, can't find you cos so many. Try finding me Elaine Dennehy (pic of me and kangaroo) so we don't have to keep discussing on this.

    I really don't think it's the glare of LEDs. For me it's the hertz that is the problem, they turn on and off 120 times per second (our brains just can't register it but some people are sensitive to it) The hertz for me causes nausea and vomiting, a feeling of motion sickness and severe headache. That's why the sypmtoms hit so quick. I don't think those type of glasses will really work but may take the edge off, I'm using something similar. In the early days when I first discovered the problem I even tried wearing sunglasses at my computer or even just to change the volume on my MP3 that has a sceen backlit with LEDs and they made no real difference I was still sick. They did make a slight difference in an area that uses LED lighting over head, but not xmas tree lighting etc. I think we will find in the future that the are bad for all of our health not just those who are sensitive . I just hope this happens soon. I hope these lens work for you...

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    Hello to Elaine, Jessiah and Exandas (and the rest of the group),

    I started reading the first page of this thread, but was getting too sick, and noticed it was started in 2011 ... so I jumped to the last page and saw your discussion. I wasn't able to read everything due to my "computer flu" symptoms (as I call them), but I got the general idea that we all have similar symptoms from using computers, tablets, etc. I also get nausea, dizziness, extreme fatigue, and general flu-ish symptoms when using computers, tablets, and cell phones. It seems the brighter, faster, and crisper the screen, the sicker I get. (I felt better using my old CRT computer).


    Interestingly, the only thing I found that helps relieve my symptoms somewhat is Dramamine -- for motion sickness! At first I was trying Pepto-Bismol and Alka Setzer and other stomach-related medicines, but nothing made a dent in my symptoms -- until Dramamine (however I only take it in dire circumstances because it's not good to take it on a regular basis -- and it does make me very groggy).


    Anyway, I found some information yesterday after seeing a "chiropractic neurologist". He did several tests innvolving my eyes -- having me track a pencil that he'd move in different ways, (the pencil had a brain on top - lol), looking in my eyes with different lights, etc. I asked him if my eyes are what make me sick when using the computer, and he replied "No, it's your vestibular system" -- which is responsible for our sense of balance among other issues. Apparently there are issues with my brain that are affecting my vestibular system.


    I thought about trying those computer glasses too, but now I don't think it would make a difference since my nervous system is causing the computer-flu symptoms, and not my eyes. (SO FRUSTRATING! :-( :-( .)


    Just an FYI ... I have a chronic illness that affects most of my body systems (one of those autoimmune-related "invisible illnesses" without a specific diagnosis, although I fall under the CFS/ME/Fibromyalgia umbrella). I wasn't able to read throroughly enough to see if you three (or anyone else in this thread) has this as well.


    I would love to discuss this more with you all if you are interested in comparing notes. I can give you my email. How do I get that to you? ... oh, I just skimmed back over your messages and saw your idea of looking in Facebook. You can find me at Maureen Flaig -- I currently live in PA; my hometown where I grew up is listed as Birmingham Michigan. I hope you can find me on Facebook -- if we share similar illnesses and/or symptoms it's so helpful to have the support of others who understand.

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    Hi Maureen, sounds pretty similar, could possibly be LEDs for you too.


    Exandas has a good link on his last reply above, took me a while to find the english version but I found a good bit of info about the dangerous of LEDs on other sites since. I have always thought it was JUST the hertz, flickers120 times per second causing a motion sickness feeling and severe headache, vomiting and nausea, but according to info I found recently LEDs are toxic to our retinas, they are especially dangerous for young children who's eyes are not fully developed. This might explain the bad pains behind my eyes and in my head whenever I am near LEDs.

    I will post the links here once I get them again.

    I thought maybe I was the problem, just sensitive, surely a product such as LEDs wouldn't be released if there were insufficent tests done previously, but it seems according to these sites that this is the case which is pretty shocking! I'm not an expert just going by what I have read.

    I'll try to find you on fb if not you'll find me with pic of a little boy and three sheepdogs. I really hope more and more people become aware about the dangerous of LEDs. I think alot of people are suffering from symptoms and have no idea what it is yet.

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    Has anyone had any luck with putting a screen protector on the iPhone/pad that dulls the resolution?  How about corrective lenses for viewing a computer screen?  Just wondering if anything has worked for anyone.  I have a blackberry 9000 and it's fine, but will need to get a new phone since they are becoming obsolete.  The Samsung Galaxy S3 has pretty clean screen transitions/wipes but the high resolution seems to bother me.


    I am pretty sure my nausea is caused by the transitions between screens (zooming left to right, scrolling, disappearing), and like many of you from the "over crispness" of the display. 

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    Hi Elaine,

    I just saw that you commented back ... (I didn't get an email notification from Apple -- I'm new here, so maybe I didn't sign up right for notifications). Anyway, thanks so much for your comment, and for finding me on Facebook! I accepted your friend request,but I wasn't able to say hi on your page because I was too sick from the stupid computer :-( :-( :-(. Facebook is especially hard for me because of all the scrolling and flipping back and forth between pages. Are you on FB much?


    That's interesting -- and scary -- about LEDs being toxic to our retinas. And kids spend so much time on electronics these days! I just read an article about "electronic pollution" which talks about the health risks that electronics can cause. Referring to cell phones, cordless phones, TV and WiFi, the article says: "These devices emit enormous amounts of radiation, disturbing our sleep patterns, thickening our blood and causing inflammation and a number of associated diseases." Later the article quotes a cardiologist (Stephen Sinatra, MD) who says: "Be aware that if you are on a computer at home on Wi-Fi, that is toxic to your body."


    Have you ever read the book Earthing? It's very interesting. It talks about the toxicity of electromagenetic radiation, and how "grounding" can help rid our bodies of the electromagnetic frequencies (EFTs) that have accumulated. Grounding is simply having contact with the earth outside. The book recommends walking or standing barefoot on the ground outside for 30 minutes (not so easy in northern climates!). There are products now, like shoes that don't block the earth's healing properties, and also things you can use inside -- special blankets, mattresses, sleeping bags, etc -- that help our bodies recover from the EFTs. It's really fascinating. You can find the book on Amazon if you want to read more about it.


    I know that I have some issues with "electromagnetic sensitivity" (I think it's called), but I wasn't sure if that was causing my computer issues or not.


    Thanks again for writing ... I hope you're feeling okay. I agree with you that there needs to be more awareness about this stuff!


    I hope to get to know you better via facebook, here, etc. Take care,


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    To WideAwake --

    Hi! I just wrote a long comment to Elaine and wanted to follow up with you too. I think I saw that you also have this electromagnetic sensitivity thing ... (my brain isn't working -- I can't remember the name of it!). I'll try to go back and read through the comments to see what your issues are. If you're able, you can skim through the comment I wrote to Elaine -- I told her about a great book called "Earthing." I thought you might be interested in it too.


    As for screen protectors, they didn't help me at all (I tried a matte antiglare protector on my Droid, but I still could barely tolerate it for longer than 5-10 minutes). I thought about trying the glasses, but I found out yesterday that my issues witih the computer are neurology-related -- caused by a dysfunction in my "vestibular system" (which is responsible for balance, etc.), I saw a chiropractic neurologist who did a bunch of tests and discovered this. The problem supposedly stems from my cerebellum -- the part of our brains that's attached to the spinal cord.


    Anyway, I might try the glasses ... they could at least give my eyes some relief. But I don't think they'll help the nausea/dizziness.


    Take care ... I'll go read a couple of your comments to get caught up!


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    I have the same issue. I feel sick only after a minute or so. I even had an unexplained seizure on April 24th 2013 and I am wondering if this is the reason. I hope not as I LOVE my ipad so much!!!

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    It makes me dizzy and ill. I also had a seizure 2 weeks ago Too bad as I love my iPad. I stopped using it and a couple of days later I felt so much better. 

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    Hi Elain and to everyone...

    what I did made a huge difference...I took back the ipad...still cant be around them or iphones...I bought a mac air and plug it into a dlink...turned off the wifi...all of my nausea and headache my husband was given a iphone and ipad for work...but I cant be around them without this sick feeling coming back...and also when people bring them to work I start getting that nausea and headache feeling and the longer I am around them the worse the feeling gets.  I believe it is what these products emit is why I feel sick...So I choose to go no wifi and not use these products just regular computers...and I have a samsung cell phone and I am fine...Hope this helps.