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    It's clear that there are two distinct groups of people in this thread - those who are sensitive to the LED backlit flickering of the iPad/iPod screen and those who are sensitive to the RF microwaves emitted by the mobile phone and wi-fi transmitters in these devices. There is also the beacon signal in the wi-fi router to consider as it is a constant source of radiation - see this 5 minute primer on wi-fi's beacon signal:



    Although I am EMF sensitive - I don't feel well around wi-fi routers, cell phone transmitters and home cordless (DECT) phones because of their "constant" 7x24 pulsing - I am not sensitive to LED flicker. That said, I find the new automotive LED tail light and other LED applications on new cars annoying and irritating as opposed regular light bulb technology that has been around since the light bulb was first invented.


    Glad that many are finding this thread helpful and informative.

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    This youtube channel has some videos about ipad and iphone radiofrequency measurements. Might be helpful to some. A couple of the videos show the the radiofrequency changes in sound.

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    Hello karsoph, was wondering what Samsung cell phone you have? I have been looking at Samsung phones due to the OLED displays and the fact that they have some of the lowest radiation (SAR level) phones on the market!

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    Hi Spek2me,

    its a SGH-T679M  Samsung Galaxy w.  Hope that doesnt make me sick at person brought their iphone to work and I was so sick after a couple of hours I asked if she could not bring it...sounds terrible but I end up not being able to work.  So I am not even looking at it or using it...but whatever is coming off it is a strong signal and I can feel it...unfortunate for me as soooo many people have them.

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    Has anyone tried the new Blackberry Q10?  Any symptoms?  I have an old Bold 9900 which is great but will need to be replaced soon.  Still get dizzy from iPhone or Galaxy S series phones.  Tried the Google Nexus phone as well, same result. 

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    Something like this would be related to an individual's personal medical condition, rather than the machine. And so, it would be treated from that perspective. That doesn't make it any less real, but rather, you need to treat the condition from your own personal medical standpoint.

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    I think that i read in the net more and more of people with such symptoms. Just google "led displays eye strain" and see for yourself.  It seems it is not a personal "medical condition" but rather some sort of sensitivity to the new led/oled displays. I have been using computers/pda for the last 15 years and never in my life i had any problem. As soon as i got a led display (like the new Apple products) i got eye strain, headache, and dizziness.

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    When I say it's a personal medical condition - it's like when someone sneezes around cats. It's not a problem with cats - but rather - a problem with the person who can't be around cats. Or, it's like a kid who can't handle milk or milk products - it's not a problem with milk - but rather - a problem with the person who can't handle milk.


    Or, when a person goes to the doctor and they ask if they are allergic to any medications - it's not a problem with the medication - but rather - a problem with the person who can't take a particular kind of medication.


    These are all examples of "personal medical problems".


    It's the same thing with anyone who has a "reaction" to a particular screen - they may have a personal medical problem related to it - just like people do,with medications or animals or certain foods.

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    Hi Karsoph good news you have got to the root of your problem. I've no sensitivity to wi fi etc. It's LED for me unfortunately and not a lot can be done right now. Pretty much unbearable

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    Hi Exandas, feels like we could have lived quite peacefully on this planet for the past few centuries up until the last 5 years or so until LEDs became popular, it's so frustrating .

    It doesn't really feel like a medical condition to me either because LEDs are so artificial that they are the problem not the people who are sensitive to them. I do know what Star Traveler means but it would feel more like a medical condition if I were sensitive to sunlight which humans have evolved to live under. ( then I could blame myself) But it's hard to view it as a medical condition when they are artificial, dangerous LEDs (from what I have read). There just doesn't seem to be any answer, it is such a debilitating and frustrating situation, constantly being sick and avoiding them.

    From what I have read over the last 2 years they seem to be dangerous for all of us and not just for those who are sensitive to them, there just hasn't been enough research on them before they were released.

    Have you heard anything on filters or a solution in your part of the world? is a webpage set up for people with sensitivity to LEDs and artificial lights

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    Elaineyd wrote:


    It doesn't really feel like a medical condition to me either because LEDs are so artificial that they are the problem not the people who are sensitive to them.

    Sailing in boats is "artificial". Seasickness is an individual medical condition. Not everyone who sails in boats gets sick. Not everyone who gets seasick gets sick for the same reason.

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    Don't see the comparison there at all, like I said, LEDs, from what I have read over the past few years are bad for our health and dangerous and not just for those who are sensitive. It's just a matter of time before something will hopefully be done about them. Fingers crossed anyway for anyone living with these awful sypmtoms

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    Elaineyd wrote:


    Don't see the comparison there at all,

    No, I really didn't think you would. But it was worth a try.

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    Hi Elaineyd, it may not be the leds that are actually causing the problem. There is an interesting discussion from people that seem to know the subject (


    These people are talking about temporal dithering, which is a way for manufacturers to produce color variations on displays. From what i understand this technique causes some kind of flicker, which is not the traditional one we could detect with the pencil test. It could be the main cause for our eye strain and headaches.


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    hI everyone, it's lucky for me to find this post, cause I am going through a tough situation with ipad mini 2.


    It's a amazing device! BUt what it makes me feel is definately unberable. I got a sick feeling almost instantaneously aftter using it, at first it was not too severe, but bit by bit, it grows unberable. Unlike the symtomes of other people in this thread, I don't feel too much nausea or dizzness, instead, I feel rather tired, it's like something got stuck in my chest, gradually, I feel more and more exthausted and after about 30 minutes I had to stop.


    It takes about 2 days away from my ipad then I started feeling just as fine. I am pretty sure wifi or other wireless signal is not the cause, since most of the time I use it without wireless connection. And, I don't get motion sickness, I can play 3D games for long hours.


    Now it's really confusing, due to the symtomes I get, I either have to sell my ipad or put it away. What a shame for such a beautiful device!


    Have you found any proper explaination?