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    This effect also applies when we change between applications, if the changes where without this effect, it would be better for the sickness.
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    Whoa! I just found this site&question...and just today finished series of tests...echocardiogram,brainscan, ultrasound on carotid artery,..the diagnose dizziness, and even one fainting episode..since Xmas. Guess what I got for Christmas...iPad...and check my "handle". No results yet, but I think I just got a clue. Costly, but I think I may be happier soon. Thanks folks. Stay tuned!
  • gwforeman Level 2 (410 points)
    You are certainly not alone. I could never play the game Doom. 5 Minutes and I'm sick. I have a Pilots license, and have even done aerobatics in small planes, and I have never had a problem. But put me in an iMax theater, and I' walk out staggering.

    My Eye Dr. told me it might be something to do with my ears also, but I think it is all visual.

    I haven't noticed any issues with the iPad, but I stay away from first person shoot-em-up games.
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    I used to have a similar problem in grammer school when reading for a while. Used to get dizzy, tunnel vision etc only I didn't know what that was at the time, just that I wasn't "feeling good" and lost track of the lesson. Teachers actually thought I had ADHD or something. Took about 2 years before I finally got dragged to an eye Dr. to find out I had a slight difference in eyesight between my two eyes and the difference was causing it. A simple very minor eyeglass prescription fixed all the issues.
    Not saying this is anyone's cause but even if you don't think you "need glasses", you may find that a pr of glasses with very minor correction could fix the problem.
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    Happening big time to me too, unfortunately. Just got iPad II last week and I've felt dizzy and sick every time I've used it - haven't felt this motion sick since viewing Avatar in 3D. No prob with my iPhone. Would be great if Apple did insert some options to help the folks like us (minimize the sweep, lock the pivot, etc.).

    Well, won't go to waste as my wife is salivating to take it over! But man, is the new iPad simply fantastic.

    Bottom line, I guess there is a tiny portion of population that can't handle it (I've always had problem with spinning rides, reading in car, playing 1st person shooter games, 3D movies, boats, etc.). Glad someone posted about this!
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    I also have Meniere's Disease, although it has lessened as the years have gone by.

    I have only had one instance of dizziness ... while using the iPhone. I don't have my iPad 2 yet ... it is still being built ... but we shall see.

    I do agree though that BREATHING properly makes a huge difference. I have played mmorpg's for years and the virtual reality of those games can create dizziness/nausea problems that are well known.

    Remember to breathe deep, and often
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    Yea! I got pretty sick (like car motion sick) when I first got my iPad (April 2010), I found that I would fee queasy from using Numbers. As Numbers was the primary reason I purchased the iPad I thought it was the iPad itself making me sick. Instead, I've come to realize it's just Numbers. It has the same deleterious effects as a 1st player shooters for me (think Wolfenstein 3D).


    I found that when I lock the rows and columns in Numbers, the screen doesn't move around so much, I feel fine. If don't like the rows and columns, I feel terrible within like 5 minutes.


    Avoiding 1st player games (infinity blade) and using Numbers with rows and columns locked has allowed me to use my iPad with much delight. Such a great tool for b-school!


    Best of luck!

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    I just bought an Ipad from the Mac Store last night.  When I was watching the demonstration for using the apps on my new Ipad from a great compassionate young Apple salesman, I got dizzy and fell.  I normally do not feint but got all my vitals checked out anyway to make sure.  I love the Ipad and have been using it today but find I continue to get dizzy using it.  I also get motion sickness normally.  It is too bad because I really love the machine, but have to love my body more. Thank you for posting these notes about the Ipad and dizziness.  I may try an Iphone instead.

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    You are most definitely not alone.  I am used to getting motion sickness but after two weeks of it, I went to my doctor last week for nausea, dizziness, and vertigo onset and she prescribed a head CTscan.  I went home to my beloved 2-week old iPad and realized there might be a connection with all the flipping and sliding and rolling...just writing about it now makes me queasy.  I forced myself to stay away for a week and now I feel great.  This morning is my first time back.  I have dimmed the screen and will try other suggestions given above but you are not alone.  These are very real side effects of iPad use!

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         I found the below passage on Page 3 of the Ipad Manual regarding eye strain, headaches, blackouts, etc. From the below passage, Apple notes that this phenomena can occur from playing games or watching movies on the Ipad.  However, I also experience dizziness and eye strain from watching the movement of words/photos/ pictures move across the Ipad screen.  I hope that Apple would, in the future, place the below "Warning" on Page 1 of the Manual instead of burying it within Page 3.  I question how young children are responding to this new Ipad technology, specifically those with special needs.


    Page 3 Ipad Manual:

    Seizures, Blackouts, and Eyestrain A small

    percentage of people may be susceptible to

    blackouts or seizures (even if they have never had

    one before) when exposed to flashing lights or light

    patterns such as when playing games or watching

    video. If you have experienced seizures or blackouts

    or have a family history of such occurrences, you

    should consult a physician before playing games

    or watching videos on your iPad. Discontinue use

    of iPad and consult a physician if you experience

    headaches, blackouts, seizures, convulsion, eye or

    muscle twitching, loss of awareness, involuntary

    movement, or disorientation. To reduce risk of

    headaches, blackouts, seizures, and eyestrain,

    avoid prolonged use, hold iPad some distance

    from your eyes, use iPad in a well-lit room,

    and take frequent breaks.

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    I get this after using my iPod Touch 2G for hours on end.  I think that it is the scrolling in mobilesafari.  The funny thing is... my mom gets this too!  She gets it a lot worse than I do it lasts for up to an hour whereas mine lasts for a max of 5 minutes!

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    I have had my iPad about a month now and I read/use it a lot in bed at night before I go o sleep. I have NEVER just gotten dizzy and sick with no reason before, especially while falling asleep. One time last month I was using Google Earth and after putting the iPad away I felt very nauseous and it woke me up. I was so ill, I threw up. I thought it was food... A bug... But none of that seemed to be the issue. I had no idea and just blew it off. Well last night in was reading an ebook and it was the second time I used iPad for a long time before going to sleep. I was dreaming I was nauseous and woke up sick again... And threw up again. I NEVER throw up. I knew I was using this thing both times and it was after I had put away to sleep. So out of curiosity, I googled iPad and nausea... And found this!


    So I don't know if his is the issue, but it made me think that I certainly am not the only one who feels ill  after using it. Only at night in the dark... Never in the day.


    So anyway, it is interesting. I hope I go o sleep ok tonight.. Because it is an awful sick feeling.


    Just sayin'

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    Good morning!  I hope you slept well.

    Since I wrote about my experiences with dizziness, nausea, and the iPad, I have arrived at the following successful remedies.  First, as was suggested, I dimmed my screen immediately.  That made a huge difference.  Secondly, I cannot read on the iPad if I have to scroll down...sideways is no problem.  If I do find something of interest that needs scrolling down, I try to look away as it scrolls.  This works some of the time.  I haven't read anything of length since I discovered this.  Good luck.

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    Below is a blog article posted within ASHAsphere of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association that addresses some of these health issues relating to the use of computers and computer tablets.


    Jun 30, 2011 ... Apple does have some warnings within the iPad manual about complaints of
    headaches, dizziness, and eyestrain. ...

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