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Ok. I'm running 3.1.3 on iPhone 3G.
Recently my iPhone just decided that it wasn't going to let me take pictures anymore. All it allows me to do is open the camera app and it shows the camera shutter and that's all it shows and a restart of iPhone doesn't work and a restore of iPhone doesn't help. I don't know what the problem could be. It hasn't gotten any water damage or any physical damage to cause this to happen. I really wish someone could help ! I love to take pictures of funny things and show my friends. Now it used to be jailbroken but I unjailbroke it about a week after 3.1.3 came out and it hasn't been jailbroken since. This problem just started with my iPhone about two days ago.

Windows XP Home Edition: Service Pack 3, iPhone OS 3.1.3
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    How many pictures do you have in the camera roll? I've read where an excess of photos there can cause the action you describe. The other troubleshooting steps are to power the phone off/on. If that doesn't help, then a reset by holding the power button and the home button until you see the Apple logo, ignoring the slide to power off screen. If that doesn't help, a restore, first from a back up, and if no good, then as a new phone or not from a backup. See if any of that helps.
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    Hello. I have just purchased a used Apple iphone (8GB)from a local salesmen that sells used items for a cheap price. (For example I purchased this phone for the low price of $200.00). After I purchased it I took it home and, with the instructions given by the salesperson, I jail broke my iphone to a Cincinnati Bell Network Plan with my current SIM card. I realized the iphone worked perfectly as if it was brand new, except for one thing, when I went to take a picture the camera didn't work correctly. While researching my iphone's problem on the internet I have not seen a problem quite like mine. I will explain: When you open the app for "camera" on my iphone by clicking on it the camera comes up, but instead of showing on the screen what a normal camera would show, it simply shows a screen that looks to me as what a closed lens of a digital camera would look like if the screen were to show you. It looks like a closed camera lens every time I open up the app with a small icon on the bottom which symbolizes a camera. When you click on the camera icon the iphone does nothing and acts as if you clicked on nothing. To solve this problem I have taken it back to the salesman to ask for help. He took it in for 2 days in which he said he would fix it. When he returned it he sated that he fixed the problem and all I would have to do is put a different camera app on my iphone. However after trying 3 different camera apps, which i wasted money on, I am still left with the same closed lens look on every camera app I have installed. All the camera apps on my phone, new and old, do not react to any touching of the screen after open to open the lens or take a picture. They just simply show the "closed lens" look on the screen, thus NOT fixing my problem. Thank you for any help you can address my problem with. It is much appreciated and if I can fix this problem I won't feel as if I have wasted $200.00 and counting on my iphone and the apps I have installed to fix the issue addressed above.
    Thanks again for any assistance in this matter,
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    Yeah iOS4 will eat your 3G battery.

    Apple dont care they want you to upgrade.

    Apple - Evil