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I thought mobile me, and macs and iphones were supposed to be easy to use. Just setting up a simple synch has been a nightmare. I either get all my contacts erased or I end up with doubles of everything on my iphone. After hours invested I have ONE copy of each contact on my macbook, ONE copy of each contact on Mobile Me. On my iphone now "All Contacts" shows ONE copy of each contact, "All MobileMe" shows one copy of each contact and "All from My Mac" is blank (even though all actually on my Mac is NOT blank, it's one copy of the same thing on my iphone and mobile me). When I plug into itunes the synch tries to DELETE all the contacts from my Mac instead of synching them up to "All from My Mac" where they belong.

How do I just get this **** thing to work to so that everything synchs to everything when I plug my iphone in without any problems and without anything nonsensically getting deleted?

Or if this is too much to ask from apple "the easy to use people" cannot I not go and manually switch the direction so that instead of taking an empty address book on my iphone and trying to erase my mac it goes the other way? And can't i set it up so nothing deletes anything (not from Mobile Me, my Mac or my Iphone) but simply spreads new information across the 3 locations when it becomes available? I remember this beeing EXCEEDINGLY easy to setup on a PC.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.3), iPhone 3GS 3.1.3
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    If you have set-up your Mac to sync to MobileMe and you have set-up your MobileMe account on your iPhone to sync mail, contacts, calendars and bookmarks from MobileMe, DO NOT select contacts to sync from your Mac in the iTunes iPhone Info pane. This will cause duplicates.

    Your Mac's Address Book contacts will sync to the MobileMe server and be pushed to your iPhone. Contacts added on the iPhone will be synced to the MobileMe server and synced to your Mac's Address Book. All three "devices" will stay in sync with each other.

    The only reason to select the Mac's Address Book contacts in the iTunes iPhone Info pane would be if you sync your iPhone to a Mac that is not synced to your MobileMe account, and you want to add those contacts to your iPhone.

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