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Does Safari have a preference somewhere that is forcing me to click on page widgets twice when changing application focus?

Other apps, such as OpenOffice, propagate a mouse event through "Got Window Focus" to "clicked on ... in window". For example, I have Safari window up and an OpenOffice spreadsheet window up. When Safari has focus, and I click in the OpenOffice spreadsheet on a cell that is not the current cursor location, the application focus changes to OpenOffice, and the cell that I clicked on becomes the new cursor location.

When OpenOffice has focus, and I click on a "Next Page" link of the page displayed in Safari, only the application focus changes. I have to click a second time on the "Next Page" link to get Safari to navigate the link.

I have searched the Safari preferences, nothing obvious about focus change behavior.

Is this a preference setting, a defect, or an Apple UI philosophy/culture difference?

iMac Core i5 27", Mac OS X (10.6.3)