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Can anyone give me some direction in locating and removing files that have been corrupted? I am trying to back up my system for the first time on time machine, and keep getting an error message. I visited an Apple store today for support and had them reformat my external drive. I am able to start the backup, but it quits and gives me an error message.

Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Hi fatchay and welcome to Apple Discussions!

    If you posted the error message we might be able to help you more...

    Best of luck.
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    Of course I can't remember it...
    I'll start TM up again and repost.
  • fatchay Level 1 Level 1
    I was able to retrieve it: +Unable to complete backup. An error occurred while copying files to the backup volume.+
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    Is this the first time you're using the drive? If so, you may need to format the drive to work w/ intel macs.

    To do this, open Disk Utility while the drive is plugged into the computer. In the left side bar, select the drive. Click Partition. For Volume Scheme, choose 1 Partition. Select the GUID Partition Table in order to use the drive as a backup for Intel Based Macs; press OK.

    Nevermind; just reread your original post and noticed that Apple reformatted the drive for you. Just for kicks, check that anyway.

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    So I reformatted it and gave it another shot, it still starts to backup and then quits with the same error message.

    I repaired my HD disk permissions and then tired to verity the disk with the message that my HD needs to be repaired and that I have an invalid directory count. Is this why I can't backup? And is it something I can fix, or that they will troubleshoot in the store?
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    So could anyone still try to give a hand with finding the corrupted files?

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    Mac OS X
    fatchay wrote:
    my HD needs to be repaired and that I have an invalid directory count. Is this why I can't backup?

    Run Repair Disk: Boot from install disc (insert disc>restart>immediately hold down c key and keep holding it until you see “Preparing Installation”)>at first screen select the language and click Continue> click on the Utilities Menu in the menu bar>open Disk Utility>select your HD in the panel on the left side>click Repair Disk at bottom of main window. Run this at least twice, and keep running it until it says “appears ok” twice in a row. If that doesn’t happen, you may need a stronger utility such as DiskWarrior or if the directory is damaged beyond repair, you may need to reinstall the OS, or you may have a damaged HD (repair utilities can only repair the directory structure, not the HD itself).