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I may have made a mistake.
I purchased a Viewsonic VG2230wm
Native resolution is 1680 x 1050 however I can only choose 60hz refresh rate.
More than 1 hour at 60hz is enough to give me eyestrain and a headache.
I have used monitors at 75hz for 18 years.
Is there a method I can use to override the refresh rate?
Can I use D-sub rather than DVI input?
Is there a non-rosetta version of this?

Mac OS X (10.5.7)
  • Euchre Level 4 Level 4
    An LCD's 'refresh rate' is not like a CRT's refresh rate, in that it is not 'blinking' light on and off as a result of how often the screen image is redrawn. That being the case, the 'refresh rate' you see referred to is not governed as a rate the monitor illuminates, but how often the image is redrawn on the screen. The LCD has a backlight which is essentially constant. This is why LCDs are known for producing less eyestrain. This is also why you can't adjust the 'refresh rate' on most LCD monitors. Some LCD TVs offer a 'refresh rate' of 24hz, 120hz, and even 240hz to redraw the image faster for high speed image response for HD content or gaming, or slower for film style authenticity. This does not change illumination.
  • Jack Ball Level 2 Level 2
    Interesting to know that.
    I thought it was not such an issue with lcd's and I suppose this is the reason.

    How would one explain why my eyes like the monitor set at 1280x1024 75hz (4:3 ratio)?