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John Lyons Level 1 (35 points)
Does iMovie HD 6 have a split screen function?
I would like to have two images on the screen at one time.
Is there a free plugin that can do this?

I'm a bit rushed because my video project is due for presentation by this Saturday.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6)
  • Ian Parkinson Level 6 (10,505 points)
    No it does not have the feature.
  • Bengt Wärleby Level 6 (19,450 points)


    Alt is either to buy plug-ins (to iMovie HD 6)

    or FinalCut Express (or Pro) Where this is standard and dead easy to do.

    Plug-ins to Previous versions of iMovie (Not 08 or 09)

    Stupendous software





    Yours Bengt W
  • Klaus1 Level 8 (47,595 points)
    You can use Quicktime 7 Pro to do this:

    Organize the video clips and/or stills that you want to superimpose on to your main video clip, by having these in separate, individual iMovie projects (no matter how small). It helps if these are in the exact length/time you want later.

    Now start with the clip in your iMovie project on to which you want to superimpose one of more smaller video clips or stills. Lets call it Main Clip. Export this (share) to Quicktime Pro in DV (full quality). make sure it has the same aspect as before (Quicktime tends to default to 4:3. If you want 16:9, read on).

    In Quicktime, with this project open, select File ~ Open File. Select the iMovie file (in your movies folder) of the first clip/still you want superimposed. This will open in its own QT window. Select Edit ~ copy. If it is a movie clip then select all ~ copy (or you will only get one frame!). Switch back to the Main Clip window, and click in the scroll bar where you want the extra clip/still to appear. Choose Edit ~ Add to Movie.

    You can repeat this as many times as you like, if you want to build a 'Video Wall', i.e. have several superimposed clips/stills on the same Main Clip.

    Do not worry that the new clip overlaps or covers up the Main Clip, at this stage.

    Choose Window ~ Show Movie Properties. The Properties Dialogue appears.

    You will see a list of video (and audio) tracks. Track one will be the Main Clip, track 2 your new added (superimposed) clip. Click track 2, then click visual settings. From the Scaled Size pop-op menu, choose percent. Then type 50 into the first box. If Preserve Aspect Ratio is turned on you won't need to type 50 into the second box. You have made the pasted footage appear at one quarter its original size. The inset is now hugging the top-left corner of the Main Clip. If you want, you can type numbers into the Offset Boxes to shove it away from that corner (there are 72 pixels to the inch).

    If your original Main Clip was required in 16:9, unclick (de-select) Preserve Aspect Ratio, and type in the relevant numbers in the two boxes, in Video Track 1.

    PAL (for Europe):

    Standard DV (4:3) 788 x 576
    DV Widescreen (16:9) 1050 x 576

    NTSC (for the USA):

    Standard DV (4:3) 720 x 528
    DV Widescreen (16:9) 874 x 480

    This will not affect video track 2, but if that is also wanted in 16:9 repeat for that track.

    You can superimpose, 3, 4, or more such 'overlaps' on the same clip, and spend a happy afternoon tapping away for each track in the Offset Boxes until you have got them all in the right place! You can even overlap them, if you can remember (or note down - hire a secretary to take notes) which track you want on top etc.

    Save the completed QT file. Import the completed file into a new iMovie project. Import this into the original iMovie project, substituting the old clip you copied to QT as Main Clip for the new fancy clip you have made.

    Have fun!