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Hey - my iPhone just crapped out. Not under warranty.

My question is, will the sim card from this phone work in any other junk AT&T phone, so that I can continue to make calls while waiting for the next gen iPhone to come out?


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    You could also look into an out-of-warranty replacement iPhone from Apple. Not sure of the fine print on the out of warranty replacement, but I believe it is $199 USD. You could make an appointment at an Apple store if there is one near you.

    Granted that would get you a replacement for what you have, and if you would like the best, then waiting might be a good idea. Granted it might require a new multi year contract, or more $$.
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    yes, your sim card will work on any att phone with no problem. All att phones have the same type of sim cards so there is nothing to worry about.
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    I moved my AT&T sim card from my Motorola RAZR to my iPhone 3G, and that worked, so I assume that in a pinch it would work the other way around, or with any AT&T enabled phone, even older, unlocked ones, as long as they are of the GSM variety.

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