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About 95% of the time the shuffle won't change the playlist. It will announce them but when you click after the playlist is announced, nothing happens. Shuffle is about 6 months old.

Sent email to Apple tech support - NO response

Went to Apple store in Orlando - No idea what could cause that

Tried calling tech support - Won't connect unless I give them a credit card #

Have restored, reloaded, downloaded voice software so many times and still no change.
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    My guess is that your problem is less with the shuffle and more with the controls on the headset. Do you have access to another headset with the controls on it? If not, try again at the apple store and ask them to try with different headset and see what happens.

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    Don't have access to another set. Tried to get them to try it when I was in Orlando but they insisted that it was not the headset problem since all other functions worked correctly.

    Won't be back by another Apple store for at least another month so I either have to purchase:

    1. Another set of Apple headphones ($30)
    2. The Belkin adapter ($20)

    to find out if the phones are the problem, or wait until I can get to another Apple store that might be more helpful.

    Thanks for the reply.
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    I've the same problem: when trying to switch from one playlist to another, the VoiceOver say the name of the desired playlist, and I press de center button, but it continues to play the music from the previous playlist... The supposed "beep" when the playlist have changed, never plays...

    But when it switch successfully (after I've repeated and repeated the operation), it plays the little beep,but is annoying to try a lot of times!

    I'm not sure it could be the controls on the Phone, because the other functions with this button work fine: forward, rewind, pause, etc...

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    I think I will try the Belkin adapter and see if it will work. Really don't like the idea of having the controls near the Shuffle body instead of the earbuds but don't have much choice.

    Will be a real pain to affect changes while driving or when I have the Shuffle body in my pocket, etc.
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    Can you tell us your experience with the Belkin Adapter when you have tried? If it works for you, I would try the same. Thanks a lot!

    Those Apple earphones are not good: we are limited to use only this ones because the controls and are always putting down from my ears...
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    Hey! Today I've tried something that worked fine... it's a little strange:

    When navigating thru the playlists, if I select one playlist (clicking) after Voice Over have spelled the Playlist name, it doesn't select it.

    But, If I click exactly when the Voice Over command is already speaking the Playlist name, it works!!

    Is not a normal behavior, but it worked fine with me this afternoon. If this is the problem, I would be waiting for a firmware update, because the problem is software.

    I hope this could help (and I hope you understand my english)
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    That method works for me also, SOMETIMES. Will work a few times and then go back to not working.

    I won't hold my breath for a software / firmware upgrade for this problem or for that matter, for the Shuffle at all. Not a high priority item for them. These are just cheap (refers to the quality not the cost), high profit, disposable mp3 players as far as they are concerned. They know that us sheep will just buy a new one when this one craps out because there is not that many other players on the market.