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Hi all.

I started my laptop this morning to find that the speakers don't appear to be working. For no reason whatsoever. They were working last night. And now they're not.

I press the volume up, down and mute buttons and it does nothing. The 'overlay' comes onto the screen showing like it has max volume, but with a circle/cross underneath (imagine a no smoking sign).

In the top menu bar, the sound icon is there but it's greyed out so I can't do anything.

Anybody help me please?!?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    Also, in system preferences under Sound, in Output, there is only one option available to select (and which is selected), and that's 'Digital Out / Built-in Output'.
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    Do an external set of speakers or headphones work? If so then the chip that controls the audio part of the system works; it sounds like the speakers themselves may be bad.
    If the exteneral speakers/headphones do not work, then the audio process seems to be failing I would think.

    Saw this same issue on a laptop just yesterday actually & this is how I diagnosed it.

    So try it out & see what gives.
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    the same thing happened to me. I closed my laptop to take it upstairs to work some more and when I opened back up the sound icon was greyed out. I tried plugging in speakers and a headset and they work fine. I think that it is probably the logic board but I read here : http://discussions.info.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=2244270 that it could just be the internal switch. I have a late 2008 model and the post seemed to mention models of that date. Let me know if you figure this out.
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    I am facing similar problem. yesterday night it was all working fine. Today when i started, i don't see volume icon in menu bar and in system preferences, sound preferences shows everything disabled with mute all set to ON. i am unable to change that.

    Any ideas to resolve, please help?

    Yesterday i did try to update iTunes Update and it failed due to some reason, could that be a problem??
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    I have a late 2008 Macbook, this started happening on mine a few minutes ago for the first time. Had earphones plugged in, took them out to listen over the Macbook's speakers but no joy.

    Same circle with cross through it on volume overlay and unresponsive speakers. Optical light glowing red inside the audio socket, so clearly it still thinks earphones are connected.

    Have read elsewhere that sticking something thin and metal will 'break' the connection, but I'm a bit dubious about this as I'm not wanting to cause any damage on a Mac that's now out of warranty.
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    Ah, I've just managed to get it going again.

    I inserted the earphones then pulled them out again, but pushing the jack to the left slightly and removed slowly. I read that the connection to break is at 3 o'clock (the right side of the slot if you're looking at it face-on), so pushing the jack to the left when pulling it out will push the metal portion of the earphones (inside the jack) over to the right side.

    Worked for me, anyway.
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    It resolved for me, problem is with ITUNES FAILED UPDATE. I reinstalled ITUNES, it worked. Thanks all for your help.
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    Some days ago I have faced the same problem. The decision yet has not found. The sound exit works only, but built in dynamics do not work. I can not understand the reason.