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I REALLY want to order a WiFi iPad but I'm torn on which one to get. On one hand I don't want to get the 16GB model and end up wishing I had gotten the 32GB for the extra storage capacity, but I also don't want to pay $100+ more if I don't really need the extra memory. I just want to use it to surf the web and store some photos (all of which add up to 1.25GB on my iMac), a few movies, and maybe some songs. Do you think 16GB's is enough or should I spring for the 32GB?

iPad, Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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    I would go for the 32GB model. You may not need the extra storage now, but keep the device long enough, I'm sure you'll be grateful you have the room. Myself, I pre-ordered a 64GB 3G model. Definitely not going to use up all 64 gigs right away, but it's peace of mind having the room. It's future-proofing, especially since I can't see myself buying a new iPad at every refresh. In any case, go for the larger size. The extra $100 is worth it, IMO.

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    I am expecting the same use as you, and I went for the 16 Gb model. That "should" satisfy your requirements. BUT, the reason I went for the 16 was because I was figuring this is a short-term impatient solution for me ! I fully plan on buying the next model when it comes out assuming it has a front-facing camera and some other features. THEN I'll buy the larger capacity (32Gb). Money to burn. lol
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    I went through the same dilemma when ordering mine and being a photographer I wanted to make sure that I had enough space for my photographs. I bought the 16gb model after going back and forth and I am now glad that I saved the 100 dollars. To me, while I do love the iPad.... it is a devise that is slightly overpriced to begin with. I guess the question that you need to ask yourself is how many movies do you plan to put on it? They will take up the most room. Here is what I have put on it so far to give you a good idea of what 16gb equates to.....I have several books, many PDF documents such as camera manuals and other assorted documents, 60 applications, 1 Video, 20 songs, 164 high quality pictures and still have 10.5 GB available. If I do ever fill it up I will probably want to rotate out my content replacing the old with the newer but it seems as I have a long way to go. Again, everyone will use the device differently and keep in mind video will chew up space much quicker than Photography.
    Hope that was helpful, Kevin
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    Thanks a lot for the information, Kevin. That's exactly what I needed to hear! I think I'm going to do the same and get the 16GB one as it sounds like that will have plenty of space for me. Plus it'll save me $100 that I can put toward the next one assuming that Apple makes some improvements (i.e. a flash drive, a camera, etc.).

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    Your welcome Lauren!!
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    It is movies / videos that really suck up the GB - If you like to store a lot of movies for travel etc. than 16GB doesn't last long.
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    I got the 16 GB model. Since I already have an iPod, I didn't put any music on the iPad. As far as movies, I have netflix, but if I want to bring a few movies along, I will use iTunes to install and then remove when I get back. Apps don't take up much space, so right now I'm still around 13 GB. You actually don't have 16 GB available. The OS and installed software take up 2 GB right out of the box.

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    16 is perfect!
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    Thanks!!! Best info I've found so far of a comparison - I've just pre-ordered a 16gb wifi 3G (Europe) hoped it would be enough space still have over 5gb on iPhone and sync music to iPod so won't be needing that - mostly surfing, mails and apps and a few photos so it sounds like I'll be fine - I also want to save the extra for the 2nd gen and hubby always gets my leftovers lol
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    Believe me you will end up paying out more in the long run when you get the smaller version as I have been through that & cost me plenty & it uses up the memory as you have to up grad!! Hope it helps some.
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    Hi I'm getting the iPad for my wife for her birthday/Chirstmas present since both dates are very close together. I too have been conteplating on wether to get 16GB or 32GB. She would manily use it to read the New York Times and watch movies on Netflix. Possibley would add some app games for our daughter to play and maybe store some pictures. Don't think much more than this.

    What would you recommened?

    thank you


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    Well I'm gusing it's to late, but because of iCloud really there isn't much need for a 32g.  You back up pretty much everything to a computer off your iPad.  So if you ever got close to the 16g you can use iCloud to back it up on your computer then delete what you no longer want.