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I have an iPod mini and Windows XP. Yesterday I went to sync my iPod, and the device never showed up in the iTunes source list. Windows recognizes the device, and the unit charges, so it is neither a Windows nor a connection problem. I went through basic trouble shooting, rebooting, updating both the device and the iTunes software, resetting device; nothing helped. I did not restore to factory settings, because I did not want to clear my device, and then be unable to get anything back. What can I do to fix this?


HP, Windows XP
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    I have same problem with my new nano. worked for a few days, then itunes won't recognize it in the source window even though my computer does. have tried all fixes, can't restore because to restore I need to go through itunes and it doesn't show the ipod as connected. have read many, many complaints on internet about the same problem and no answers. will probably take ipod back for refund soon and not buy another unless someone comes up with a fix.
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    To amend what I said above -- I reloaded iTunes software, and attempted to reload device software, but couldn't because the software, (neither the download nor the original disk) wouldn't recognize the device. So I couldn't restore to factory settings even if I wanted to. So, does this seem to be a software or a hardware problem, I wonder?
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    I am having the exact same problem. Downloaded a bunch of songs the other day to my Ipod Mini, no problem. The only thing that may be the problem is that I changed it to manually adding songs to my ipod. It sounds like this is a problem. 2 days later, I hook up my ipod and it's DO NOT DISCONNECT central!!!!!!! My computer recognizes it, it makes a little noise when I hook it up, but it has never again shown up in the itunes source list. My husband has given up since it's my ipod and we have done every bit of troubleshooting I think we can do. Reset, uninstall, reinstall, download updates, now I can't do the update because like the other posts it is not recognized. If anyone knows if it has anything to do with changing it to manually loading songs and has any advice PLEASE HELP US ALL!! It sounds like a common problem and after 5 hours of working on this the problem still isn't fixed. HELP!!!!!
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    I have had my ipod for about half a year now, and never had any problems with it until the same problem that you are describing here. My Ipod mini is not recognized by itunes, but it IS recognized by my computer as a usb mass storage connection. Here is what I have tried so far:
    -restored my ipod to factory settings (now i have no music on it =( it is lame)
    -reinstalled itunes 6.0 and all the ipod software updates. It took a while to get this... if you are having trouble getting your updater to work, try running it in disk mode (support advanced search)
    -I tried restarting my ipod serveral times with itunes open
    -Set Ipod to disk mode and opened itunes and with itunes open already.
    -Switched to all 4 different USB ports on my computer.

    So yeah, PLEASE reply with any NEW help. I find that these forums are terribly redundant... and with this issue I have reached a level of frustration-
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    All - I found this page with instructions for troubleshooting the problem "iPod appears in Windows Explorer but does not appear in iTunes," however, after going through all of the extensive steps, none of it helped and my problem persists. It may be useful to some of you though.
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    Hi everybody!
    A week ago I bought a Ipod shuffle. I have installed all the required programs en they work quitte well, but when I do my Ipod in my computer, the I pod doesn't show up in Itunes. I come from the Netherlands so my English isn't very good, but I would like to ask somebody to help me. I read a lot of information on this site already, but the I pod remains away from me ! please!
    Kiss Roxanne
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    Try Resetting Your iPod while it's connected to the computer.

    Hold down the Menu and Select buttons until you see the Apple logo (or Menu & Play/Pause in older models).
    This will often get it recognized. It may take several attempts.

    Also See:
    Your Windows PC doesn't recognize iPod
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    iPod appears in Windows Explorer but does not appear in iTunes Buegie
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    i have the same problem and am not alone.
    A lot of good advise here, but none helped me. Anyone else having the same problem?
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    I've had the same thing happen, and have tried everything mentioned, but to avail. It worked fine until about a week ago.

      Windows XP  
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    OMG datz wat happens to mine!!!!!! i tried everything, i reinstalled itunes, i did everything you can possibly imangine!! I have an ipod mini, and i barely got it like 3monthes ago and my itunes wont notice that i plugged my ipod in but my computer does! and my new songs wont download. and i also tried to update my ipod on files option and it wont even lemme click on it. my computer DOES notice it but my itunes WONT! this is sooo ******* me off. i paid my own money for this and this stuff doesnt even work good, somtimes my ipod mini would freeze too and i would hav to wait till my battery dies. i am so not satisfied with the company of apple. grrrrrrr.....
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    Hey Guys,

    Try right clicking on my computer and going to properties. From here click on the hardware tab at the top, and click on device manager. Is the device manager blank?

    If the device manager is blank try running the tool from this website:

    This tool requires you to restart your computer in safe mode before running it. To do this press F8 while your computer restarts until you get a screen with a number of options. The first option should be safe mode. Select safe mode and let windows boot up.

    After the computer has booted up double click the downloaded file to unzip it. In the folder it creates run the RunThis.bat file and see if that helps. If this fixes the problem please post to let me know.

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    YES, this very much fixed the problem. thank you, thank you, THANK YOU
  • Jacob Ribble Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)
    Awesome, glad I could help
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    ok.. is reinstalling the "COM" or whatever it is in the link that helps you out.. not sure which one it is... well will this "reinstallation of COM" (cant remember if its COM or RCOM... something like that) will this erase all my songs i already have??

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