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I'm trying to create a simple 3-minute home video with Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD 9.0 on my HP Pavilion desktop PC running Vista. I render the edited video as an MP4 file. If I double-click the file, it opens in QuickTime player and plays just fine. If I add it to iTunes, it plays in the iTunes player just fine. If I synch it to my 32Gig iPod touch - just fine.

But on my 2nd Gen 80Gig iPod Video, the video is VERY choppy - one frame every half second or so. On the iPad it's better - but there are a bunch of square artifacts in the frame whenever there's movement in the frame, like swinging your arm from side to side. Is there some way I can... OPTIMIZE this video for the iPad? It'd be a really impressive way of showing off the video. I could burn the video to a DVD and show it on a TV, but the iPad is obviously more portable.

Any advice? Any questions about how I'm rendering the video?


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