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I was using (as always) Safari 4 and by some weird finger movement I was typing something in google search bar/URL bar and then I heard "swish" (kind of similar to sound when you drag and drop into trash can)- I think I hit an F key by mistake- and then WHOOSH- the menu/URL bar disappeared and that side bar to directly put in a google search/keywords is also gone-- the Bookmarks bar is all up but there is NO WAY TO TYPE IN ANY URL ADDRESS OR EVEN GET TO ANY NEW WEBSITE OR DO A GOOGLE SEARCH- I CAN'T TYPE IN "GOOGLE.COM" ANYWHERE?! OR "YAHOO.COM" "MOBILEME.COM" ETC!!! I HAVE GONE thru prefs and such- but there is nothing- Even under "FILE" the "OPEN LOCATION" option can NOT be highlighted/used! What did I do and HOW do I get it back?!!! I relaunched Safari- new version 4.0.1 direct download from Apple- no luck. I restarted several times- but the URL bar is gone! PLEASE advise...

Powerbook G4, Mac OS X (10.5.8), silver model
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    Take a deep breath, Lady . . .

    It's easy.
    Go up to the Safari menu bar.
    Click on View, go down to Customize Toolbar.
    Then drag the URL address bar back into your bar. Also you can replace your google search as well.
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    Found in a history topic- so just in case this happens to anyone currently (this was from a post yesterday!) and I didn't know what to call URL bar either:-)
    Problem resolved- but interested to know HOW did I delete it by mistake??? I don't want to repeat that finger/keyboard action again:-0

    Re: I accidentally deleted my 'address bar' not sure the proper term
    Posted: Apr 16, 2010 9:10 PM

    From the Safari Menu Bar click View/Customize Toolbar. Just drag the default bar up or customize by dragging the icons up.
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    Thanks- as you see I found in history of topics too- Now wondering - how do I close/"Question Answered" and give "points" for you in this Apple Discussions site?
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    Lauran --
    Very glad you found your solution.
    Only the Original Poster (OP) can award a "Solved" star and points.
    But your thanks are truly very much appreciated.

    What happened to you most likely is that you had your cursor in the bar,
    and suddenly dragged it off to the screen. It will go "Poof" when that happens
    You can always go up to the View>Customize Toolbar and get stuff back.