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my ipod touch 2g recently quit work after i went to update the software and itunes it started with a white screen then, the itunes symbol and a connector pointing to to i attempted to restore twice when on the 2nd try it just went black.. it dosent show up on the i tunes menu anymore and when i try to restart it... it dosent do anything when i plug it in my computer beeps but i got a popup that says the device isnt reconized i have tryed everything in all the help menus so im lost

HP, Windows Vista
Reply by Poikkeus on Apr 18, 2010 9:20 PM Helpful
If you tried to reset your Touch, and are unable to, your best option may be to visit your local Apple Store/Genius Bar to fix this snafu. Since you cannot restart Touch, and your unit isn't recognized, it's best to have Apple staff address this.

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