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My macbook pro 2009 is defective. What shall I do?

It came defective out of the box. Apple authorized technical service does not acknowledge the problem. This service provider has not fixed my MBP W8921F52QT since my repairs request 5 months ago.

My MBP video image freezes or horizontal stripes appear on the screen. This occurs approximately after two hours of continuous work load.

Authorized service provider can not diagnose the problem, they were unable to identify the source of the problem in 4 months time, macbook was placed in their testing lab.

I can't play or work with my MBP since its purchase in october 2009, because it came defective. What can I do?

Mac Book Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    This really *****, but the only thing that I think you can do is to be very polite and explain this issue to customer relations. Call this number 800 767 2775. This department deals with unsatisfied customers. What will happen is the agent will bring on a senior tech support member and there will be a conference call. I stress to you, that if you are polite they will hear you out.

    When you call the number there will be a rep who will screen the call to make sure your "worthy" to talk to a customer relations agent, just tell them that you this is not about technical support that you have an ongoing unresolved issue. Even if you are out of warranty, they might grant you a grace period. Good luck, and it always helps to mention to the agent that you had previous unsuccessful attempts at the genius bar.
    -They couldn't fix the problem because it is very sporadic, thought quite detrimental to your use of the computer.
    Tell them you believe its a hardware issue. I hope it works out
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    opertone: The phone number you've been given above is for Customer Relations in the USA, and I don't know whether or not you'll be able to call it from Russia. If not, try the number shown for Russia on this page, and ask to be transferred to a Customer Relations representative.

    In this previous post, you acknowledged that a delay of several months in repairing your machine was not caused by Apple, but was "all due to massive Russia's customs problems". (The fact that the service provider waited months for Customs to clear a part or parts clearly contradicts your claim that the service provider failed to acknowledge any problem.) Then you went on to complain about the service center "postponing repairs," as though you had completely forgotten what you wrote a moment earlier about the cause of the delay. You also wrote in that post that you had bought your machine in September, but in the post with which you started this thread, you say you bought it in October. You will need to review your paperwork and get your facts straight before calling Customer Relations, or you may be regarded as a liar and a crank even if you have a legitimate grievance.

    Finally, having read many of your now-deleted rants here, let me urge you to be calm and polite in talking with Customer Relations. You can be sure of getting nowhere if you lose your temper again.

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    Thanks for the replies. I appreciate your support.

    My authorized service provider took my MBP for diagnostics and repair, ordered a replacement part and kept my mac for 2 months with them in order test it better. When I came back to the service 2 months later, they returned the mac to me, claiming that it was in perfect order.

    I took it back home, ran upon the very same video glitch and immediately contacted the service provider and the official apple support for Russia. The service provider insisted that there was no glitch after another week of diagnostics and suggested that I updated my Snow Leopard to 10.6.3 from 10.6.2. They also confirmed that if I recorded the glitch on video it would be sufficient proof to acknowledge hardware failure.

    After taking my mac home for the second time, I was able to record two video files demonstrating the problem, sent some copies to Apple's official support in Russia and visited my service provider again. Service provider watched the videos again only to deny any failure at all; this time they needed to eyewitness the defect, because video is 'no proof' at all. Oddly the computer crashed and hang straight away and all 3 tech support members saw it. The senior manager then denied any fault again. They now want to waste my time more after they have been testing it for 3 months and a half.

    The mangers of the service cheat on the customers (myself) and the Apple inc. by ordering parts without any evidence, stating that low quality and hang ups are normal for apple products and providing low quality of service.

    I haven't used my computer for 6 months, because of constant crashes. Still the service provider denies any technical problem, they also blame MAC OS as the source of the problem (They reinstalled it many times, tried all versions, the problem persisted/ Should not the software be 100% part of the MAC, guaranteed to operate with macs?). Oddly, the official support centre in Russia is located in Poland and is not aware of who the tech managers are or what they do. The service provider's senior manager says that there is no organization above them and that they report to no one, not even apple. This appears to be totally wrong and very rude customer relationship.

    My only need for now is to get a hardware failure conclusion from the service provider and get a refund from the premium reseller, right where I purchased it. In before concluding my post, I have admit that my family and I are proud owners two other macs and fully support apple's quality.
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    Well, your story certainly does change from one telling to another. What was the reason, exactly, for your bitter comment about Russian Customs on March 7? Custms doesn't seem to figure in today's version at all. This leads anyone reading your posts to wonder what parts of the story you aren't telling us, and perhaps aren't telling the people you're dealing with there.

    I freely admit that I have no idea how Apple products are serviced or supported in Russia, where by all accounts corruption is the only certainty, doing any kind of business is an exercise in frustration, and the only thing that makes it bearable is the size of the potential market. Under those conditions, it wouldn't surprise me at all to learn that Apple has been unable to exert control over its representatives/franchisees/contractors — never mind over the Customs service. It may be that in Russia you simply *can't get* the support you're entitled to expect from Apple. Indeed, that's how it sounds. You can bet Apple wouldn't be glad to hear that it's being represented there by anyone who would treat you as you say you've been treated. But if Apple can't control those people, then you essentially have no business relationship with Apple at all, and I'm not sure there's anything you or Apple can do about it. This isn't the first time I've heard of people robbed blind without any recourse after trying to do business in Russia.

    If you do get through to Customer Relations in the USA, I hope they will listen, and I wish you luck. If it doesn't work out, I suggest that you cut your losses and move on, buying whatever sort of junk PC you can get cheaply and have serviced by local techs or throw away when it malfunctions. Perhaps your country just isn't ready for Macs yet, or Apple hasn't learned how to work the system there.
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    The government officials changed the import tax legislation, higher protective tariffs as well as barriers have been introduced. From what I gathered from apple representatives, all products ordered in 2009 for re-sale haven't arrived. If you come to any apple reseller you will notice empty shelves and lack of apple electronic products. Certain apple premium reseller stores are selling out stock and probably closing down.

    The delay of repairs is caused by the fact that all replacement parts for apple devices are also held fast at the customs, only a few select units have cleared the border since december 2009.

    By the law (in fact russian consumer legislation), I can claim a money refund from the reseller if the device is faulty or ask for a replacement. If a service provider is unable to make repairs within 45 days, I also qualify for a refund. However, this is only becomes possible if a service provider acknowledges a defect and makes a technical statement in written form. And my problem was with the service provider's denial of any technical faults and shutting eyes blind when the MBP crashed.

    The possible cause for that is an attempt to temporize and get the repairs done in any delayed moment in the future (denying my use of product) or waiting for the warranty to expire and the matter to become too old to solve.
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    My issue has been resolved.

    I got my paper work, went to the premium reseller store where I first bought my mac and they gave me a new mac with a better processor. I am so happy I can't describe it. Apple serves their customers right.

    Thanks Steve
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    hi...how you can get claim to apple...
    my MBP defacted..