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  • pinkferrero Level 1 Level 1
    Just figured this out. I added every single photo from my pc and they were just too many that I didn't want on my iPad. So to wipe all and start from stratch... connect iPad to computer with iTunes. So once in iTunes click iPad under the devices section on the left hand side. In there click the photo's tab. Where there is a checked box saying 'Sync photo's from' just uncheck that and click apply at the bottom left. It wipes all your photos.

    Hope I've made sense! Good luck!
  • rtdunham Level 2 Level 2
    Ian Parkinson wrote:
    "No you can't delete photos on the iPad.
    You mange the content of your iPad from iTunes."

    Understood. And i think that's a sorry state of affairs for a "mobile" device. Let's see--you can add or delete apps; add, edit or delete calendar entries; add, edit or delete contacts... See where i'm heading? Yes, I'll recommend that as a feature to apple, as suggested on this thread.

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  • ggaryc Level 1 Level 1
    There are 750 unwanted photos on my IPad. Yet, when I pull up the sync, there are no albums checked. I know the album which was loaded, but ITunes does not see the album on my IPad. Now what?
  • Pheonix82 Level 1 Level 1
    I too just delete unwanted pictures from Ipad. I upgrade ipad os. I make sure to uncheck the sync in the photo....a window pop up asking if I want to delete the photo...I click yes then press apply.Done. These are pictures I accidentally sync with my pc. Now you can delete any pictures that you download or copy by click on the will see the delete button. Hope it help anyone.
  • Stradale Level 1 Level 1
    Where is this fix?? Its been at least 6 months since the first reports of this "problem". How incredibly unintuitive.
  • sheinemann Level 1 Level 1
    Deleting an entire folder via iTunes is not an answer. One should be able to delete a single photo from their iPad without having to delete every photo in its folder.

    This topic has been open for almost as long as there have been iPads and there still lis no fix.

    The dependency that iPods, iPhones & iPads have on iTunes is borderline criminal.

    For $600 I expect more functionality.
  • Phil Boogie Level 1 Level 1
    Connect iPad with your Mac over USB.
    Open Image Capture (in /Applications)
    Select multiple pictures (Ctrl for individuals, Shift for consecutive)
    Click on delete

    I agree that deleting multiple images on the iPad itself is a nightmare. There ought to be Select All button in the albums, events etc. And you should be able to delete whole projects, events etc.

  • Elyse4Design Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks to the people in this discussion, I was able to delete all my photos from my PC (only 95 in one folder) and solve my problem, which was how to have multiple albums to use as portfolios. This is what I did:
    I unchecked the Sync in the photos section for the one album in there and hit apply. After all photos were deleted, I created 3 new folders (Studio Shoots, Nature and Urban, in my case) pasted the appropriate copies of the photos I wanted in each folder, and put them ALL in a new folder I named iPad Library. I connected back to iTunes, synced to my new ipad Library folder and behold, my photos are in order. I can look at all of them at once or I can do a slideshow by album, as all three albums can be looked at separately. Now, anything I want to add can be put in the appropriate folder (or a new folder can be added to my iPad Library folder) and the next time I connect my iPad, it will add in the new stuff. Problem handled (mine, anyway)! Whew!
    I hope this has been helpful to someone else.
    P.S. I suspect, although I haven't tried it yet, that if I move photos around in my iPad Library folder (which, BTW, is in the My Pictures section of my computer, so I don't confuse it with any books) that any changes in the folder, including deletions, will be synced when connected. Which means that I control this within my own computer and iTunes simply informs the ipad what to update.

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  • BNG3 Level 1 Level 1
    Had the same same problem and after doing some research and tinkering with the ipad I figured it out. These steps are for photos that was synced into your iPad not copied from e-mails or websites. Everything is done through iTunes. After you have plugged in your iPad to your computer and it has synced with iTunes follow these steps.
    1. Select your iPad
    2. Select the Photos tab
    3. Once you open this tab the "Sync photos from" box will be checked..un-check it
    4. A pop up box will appear stating "iTunes will no longer sync photos to the iPad (your iPad's name). Would you like iTunes to remove photos previously copied to your iPad?" Gives you 2 options.."Don't remove photos" and "Remove photos"
    5. Select "Remove photos".
    6. Then on the bottom right of iTunes select "Apply"

    That's it just wait for iTunes to finish up and your photos will be deleted from your iPad.

    P.S. I gotta say I dont understand why Apple had to make this so complicated. They should have made it so that it was the same way as deleting photos that was saved through e-mails and websites which is ten times easier. Basically select and delete on the iPad itself.
  • decg Level 1 Level 1
    The way I get around this is to sync photos then go through them one by one on ipad maybe resize for better composition then take a snap shot by pressing home button and button on top of ipad for 1 sec this puts the ones you want to keep into the saved folder. then i sync my next batch of photos from a different folder this deletes the old ones and replaces with new photos and I repeate the process.
  • anomalous22 Level 1 Level 1
    No, _you cannot delete_ photos IN your iPAD withoutitunes. All content brought into the ipad through itunes can only be managed using itunes.
    If you bring content directly ( email download) or using apps then you can delete them directly from the iPAD.
    The red button that appears to DELETE the pics by clicking on the Top Right Button does not work if you are trying to delete an itune-sync-import photo. It will work if the photo was imported by download from email or from an app.
    It appears hideous and ridiculous at first but apple has a policy that all content - books, video, audio,pics - should be managed through itunes.
    So, stop trying to delete pics directly from your iPAD.
    The only way to manage pics you want to showcase on your iPAd is to create a FOLDER, say iPAD Pics on your MAC or PC and then sync this folder with iPAD.
  • raoo77 Level 1 Level 1
    I don't know if this helps the question still says unanswered.

    I plugged the iPad into the computer and let iTunes open it up and do all of the syncing with apps music and everything. Then I went to the name of my iPad clicked to open the tabs and selected the photos tab. I made sure to delete from my computer what I didn't want it to sync and selected sync photos again, in doing so it found nothing to sync and deleted the previous unwanted photos from my iPad. I would imagine you could create a folder on your computer and place the photos you do want on there and direct iTunes to sync only photos from "Selected Folders" and this would in turn remove those you do not want and place the images you have selected. Also no need to worry about anything that was created on iPad originally or via Camera connection kit those remain intact and you can remove them directly from the iPad without iTunes.

    Hope this helps I removed 600+ unwanted photos this way.
  • LotsOMacs Level 1 Level 1

    Use your Mac computer and open the "Preview" application.

    1. Connect your iPad (and/or iPhone).
    2. Open the application named "Preview" on your Mac (Click on the Macintosh HD icon or open the Finder application and search for the application named "Preview," then click on the application to open it. Or look under Macintosh HD > Applications > Preview.)
    2. In the Preview application toward the very top of your screen, click File > Import From Camera (then click on the name of your iPad or iPhone)...
    3. Near the lower left corner of the Preview application, click on the icon with the four tiny squares. That will give you a better view of all of your pictures.
    4. Select the pictures you want to delete.
    5. Click on the red delete icon at the bottom of the screen. (Looks like a red circle with a slash through it.) That will delete the pictures.

    I hope this helps.
  • Sach160 Level 1 Level 1
    It is ridiculous beyond belief that you can't delete photos from your iPad when you pull them in from your collection. It's laughable to call the iPad a post PC device if you have to use your PC to do the most basic things like this. What a joke.
  • lynnfromtheodore Level 1 Level 1

    I just got my NEW Ipad, and I synched 396 photo's by accident, and now I need those photo's OFF my Ipad, and I click them, and hit the button that allows me to select each, and I do, and then it gives me the delete button, but the delete button DOES NOT WORK!!, so how in the heck can I delete these from my IPAD??? Please help!!!!  I see a lot of postings on this, but I don't see any solution!!!!

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