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  • InfraredAD Level 1 Level 1 (45 points)
    That's huge news. I think I'll be getting my case number now.

    Before we all jump the gun and start replying another 600-some-odd times, can anyone here in the US (or UK) call, put on the smooth moves and get it out of another Tech that this is for real?

    Side note: got a 17" iMac Core Duo in to work on and the thing FLIES. World of Warcraft, full res (1440x900... think pre-hi-res PB ), full settings and the thing responds like a fine-tuned Indy Car... or F-1 for all the Europeans in the group... take your pick .
  • Rhagoletis pomonella Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I really hope it doesn't require a hardware exchange.

    I'm nervous that I'll get back a machine with a dead pixel or a few. I've suffered with dead pixels before. I thought I lucked out this time.
  • Jimi Level 3 Level 3 (530 points)
    So, to sum up the last few posts - based on comments from Apple service people - it is clear we have absolutely no definitive agreement as to the cause or possible resolution of the problem.

    - Some say it is definitely a software problem. If it is software, it is unclear if 10.4.5 will or will not address it.

    On the other hand...

    - Some say it is definitely a hardware problem requiring an exchange

    So, it appears that all we have right now are VERY conflicting rumors folks. That's it! The only good news is at least all of them are aware of the problem. I guess that's progress?
  • PFPhotography Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Just spoke to Apple Powerbook G4 product specialist who told me he didn’t know anything about the “echo” problem on PB HD DL. He also told me it would not help to ask anyone else because no one would know about it either. He ask me to send my PB to repair (second time) and take from there. I mention that I would be recording the call and he told me if so he would hang up the phone immediately. To what I decide just to cope with it and get to the point he want me to be. So, I’ll be sending my PB for the second time to a “Company” who tells me they don’t know what the global Powerbook G4 defect is. If feel like I am half idiot and half stupid.
    I finish the conversation suggesting him to go read some on the web so this way he wouldn’t sound so disconnected with the universe of Apple business.
    I will let you guys know what happens next.

    Shame on you, Apple!!
  • Jonathan Rudenborg Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    Has there been any mention of a lawsuit? I think this issue needs to be made public, Apple shouldn't be allowed to hush up an issue like this. Especially considering they did such a poor job responding to it.


    EchoBook   Mac OS X (10.4.4)  
  • Rajesh Sharma Level 4 Level 4 (3,730 points)
    That's ridiculous or perhaps ludicrous - actually both.

    They have loads of logged actions.

    They released a technical bulletin -

    How could it not help to speak to someone else if he's never heard of the problem? By definition, someone who has would be more useful.

    I'd call back, but the real problem is that there is no fix other than to run 1 app at a time at the moment, but loggging the issue will at least put you on the radar. I'd call and log with someone more knowledgeable than you. Also if you want to record your telephone conversations go right ahead. You will only have a problem if you want to make them admissible in a criminal case.

    Best of luck.
  • Jimi Level 3 Level 3 (530 points)
    He ask me to send my PB to repair
    (second time) and take from there.

    Do NOT send it in. There is no fix yet so it will just come back with the same problem. All you will be is without your PB for a week or so with nothing to show for it.
  • Jimi Level 3 Level 3 (530 points)
    but the real problem is that there is
    no fix other than to run 1 app at a time at the

    This is NOT a fix!!!! Even running just the Finder with iTunes will set off this problem as documented by posters to this forum - me included. Their "technical bulletin" is worthless and wrong.
  • Rajesh Sharma Level 4 Level 4 (3,730 points)
    Sorry, I didn't mean to imply it was a real fix, just that that is the only recommendation from Apple at this time.
  • Bjorgvin Bjorgvinsson Level 1 Level 1 (35 points)
    A lawsuit?

    Why would somebody sue them when they're working on the issue as we speak?

    I think people should stay calm for a while until Apple comes up with something, I am pretty sure that a solution is on its way very soon.

  • SuperSizeIt Level 3 Level 3 (575 points)
    Have not heard a thing from any official about 10.4.5 being the fix.

    I was so tired of the looping, freezing, not waking from sleep, not waking from screen sleep. I've decided to wipe out the drive again and reinstall and just stay with the 10.4.2 OS that shipped with it. It won't fix the loop, but it will hopefully be more stable since 10.4.4 just makes this PB completely whack out of its mind!

    Now lets see how many days it will run without the issues I've listed above. I use my PB all day avg. 16 to 17 hours a day.

    Ran memtest up 5 passes twice. No RAM errors.
  • unu Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    All the answers we have from apple about this problem are confusing. We are now trying to believe that 10.4.5 is going to fix that ? Probably yes probably not.... Why then apple do not communicate on this ?! .... like : "yes next system update fix the problem" .... Maybe they want to do it in silence ? No computer in this world can show the no-bug-status ... But exploding my baffles, doing conferences with "astonishing sound effect" and so on is not my hobby ! Then if it is not fixed soon I will just ask the refund ! ohh your 14 days expired for that ....! oh really ? When you by something it is suppose to do what is in the specification - I see nowhere announced in the user guide even a smallest info about echo looping effect randomly going out from the speakers...

    What was fun today during the demo show of my new dvd ... The audience was just like ...oh what's this?!!! looking on my wow I want it immediately ! and then during the show the echo effect on & on.... When people were living the room everybody was like saying... Oh thanks god I do not have a mac... Every pc lover is staying then deeper in his believes: "Let's say mac is a crap"

    I will be always mac user but I need to have also some efforts from apple to prove that it is not one way love
  • Jimi Level 3 Level 3 (530 points)
    A lawsuit? Why would somebody sue them when they're >working on the issue as we speak?

    Bjorgvin, first off you've done a GREAT job with the site. My compliments to you.

    However, the sad reality is we have absolutely no real proof that Apple is doing anything about this problem or even working on a solution. Owners who have the problem still get the runaround and all too many times denial of the issue from Apple. In fact, there are posts today saying some Apple reps say there is a software solution coming while others say it is a hardware issue and exchanges/replacement will be necessary. This does not give me any confidence that Apple is actually addressing the problem.

    What Apple is working on is getting the MPB out - which is now behind schedule - as well as fixing some issues with the new Intel iMacs.

    As someone who has had defective Apple PBs models before - I had the first 12" PB - otherwise known as the "Hotplate" I can tell you from experience that it is quite possible Apple will just ignore our problem. It's a cold business decision. From Apple's perspective there are not enough of us out there to make it worth their while to devote resources and funds to address this problem. Time will tell. But, with each day that passes the probability of a positive resolution gets less and less likely. I hope I'm wrong but...
  • SuperSizeIt Level 3 Level 3 (575 points)
    LOL... right of the bat Safari locks up.
  • Jimi Level 3 Level 3 (530 points)
    Super, as you've read here I'm no great fan of this machine with all the problems it has. But, at the same time I've found 10.4.4 the most stable system I've had on this machine and I too use mine for hours and hours each day.

    Wish I could help. But, I have absolutely none of the issues you are experiencing which leads me to believe you have some defective hardware or some type of software conflict/corruption.

    Have you tried installing a 10.4.3 retail install rather than from the disks that came with your PB?
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