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Last night I was on the Maps app (the one that came w/ the iPod) and I was typing in an address then my iPod(2g) flashed a white screen on me and got stuck in an infinite reboot loop (boots up w/ the apple, then flashes a white screen, then reboots). Then I tried restarting it manually and it didn't work. I did the thing where you force into the screen w/ the usb cable into the itunes icon (DFU mode?). I tried restoring it and waited for 3.1.3 to download (I was running 3.1.2 i think) and it was working until it showed the apple w/ an empty loading bar. I unplugged it and replugged it and it didn't do anything so I guess it froze. I put it back into DFU mode(?) and keep trying to restore it, but every time I keep getting a frozen ipod w/ the apple and a frozen "spinning" circle and my itunes giving me the 1603 error. I tried a lot of solutions from the internet like restoring to a previous version, that doesn't work. I tried Apple's troubleshoot page too. My warranty is also over, so... Any thoughts?

iPod 2g