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I can't imagine that I am the first iPhone owner to experience this problem, but I can't find an existing discussion thread that deals with this.

My iPhone 3G won't turn off. I have tried holding the top and home buttons simultaneously both while the iPhnoe is free-standing and while it is connected to my iMac /iTunes. No difference: nothing happens.

I suppose I could try restoring the iPhone and resyncing it. Before I do that, I'd like to know if there are other options.


3G, iPhone OS 3.1.3
  • TallBearNC Level 1 Level 1
    Sometimes an app that has leaked enough ram can "lock" up the iphone... or a corrupted app can actually crash the OS. If you've tried EVERYTHING and it won't turn off... just let your iphone sit until the battery runs out.

    Normally when the battery gets just under 10%, the iphone auto powers down. If it's crashed, it can't do this. The battery will continue to drain until the battery kills the power.

    This will solve your issue. Power the iphone back up. If it's a certain app doing it, delete it and restore it. If this is happening randomly, then backup the phone, restore it to factory settings (format it), then restore it. That should fix your phone unless it has some major issue.
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    Thank you for your advice. I'll give that a try.