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When I first open itunes everything looks good and will play. As soon as I plug in my ipod hundreds of songs get the dreaded exclamation point and won't play. How do I fix this problem?
It just started happening and currently all the songs play on my ipod, but I read a question by another person having the same problem and when she added another song to itunes and synchronized she lost all the songs that had the exclamation point. I'm afraid of that happening to me.

dell xps 400, Windows XP
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    What is this means is that iTunes has lost track of your songs and videos and i doesn't know where they located on your hard drive. if you go into the music folder on your computer an click on iTunes (folder not software) then iTunes music and look in the folder and check if your music is their. if it isn't
    and you have a backup of your computer you might want to try to restore the Music from the backup into the iTunes folder (this process will very if you have a mac or pc)
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    I have a pc, and my itunes are on an external hard drive. I don't really understand this reply. What music folder? I don't think I have a backup of my computer. I'm not really sure what you're saying.
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    I don't want to speak for bpmoore, but I think he was suggesting that you check (with something like Windows Explorer) to make sure that the music media files (the mp3 and such files) are where you think they are supposed to be. (For most users, the media files are inside the Music folder on your local hard drive, hence bpmoore's comment. But in your case, double check your external drive.)

    But if you're seeing the , that's iTunes' way of saying that it's not finding the music media files where they were before. Perhaps the external drive was disconnected when you started iTunes. Or perhaps you added another drive on your computer and the drive letter formerly associated with your external hard drive has changed. Or perhaps the media files were somehow removed from your external drive somehow (hopefully not, as that's a serious problem). Could be any of a dozen things. But, bottom line, the music isn't where iTunes was expecting to find it.

    The suggestion is to confirm (outside of iTunes) that the music files are where they're supposed to be. And, if possible, if they have moved somehow (or the drive was disconnected, or whatever), try to get them back to where they were, and you'll be fine. Otherwise, the process of rebuilding a library file can be a frustrating process. Hopefully you don't have a serious failure on that external drive, because in the absence of a backup, that can be an obvious problem.

    If you can confirm where the files were and where they are now, they maybe we can help more. Hopefully it's as simple as the external drive was temporarily disconnected or turned off, but is now available.

    And, assuming you're able to fix this, backing up that external drive to another drive (or whatever) would be a good idea. Particularly if you have purchases (not just stuff ripped from CDs that you still have in your possession), this is pretty critical. The old axiom is that it isn't a matter of if your drive will fail, but rather a matter of when. I know that isn't helpful to hear at this point, but a good backup is something you can do to minimize these sorts of problems in the future.
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    +my itunes are on an external hard drive+

    I think windows had your hard drive listed as drive F: one day, and then you plugged in some other USB device, and windows changed your music hard drive to G:. Without telling you.

    Those drive letters are just a guess on the exact letters. Do you know what it was when itunes was working OK? If so, use windows disk management to change it back.