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I am new to macs, and want to purchase a macbook pro. I will primarily use it for microsoft office work but I occasionally edit video in final cut pro. this is just a hobby for home movies, nothing serious. I currently use a G5 and have no problems at all. My question is, Is it worth it for me to purchase a new I5 MBP or can I get away with a refurbished core 2 duo? there is about a $500 difference. Also, how is the 512mb nvidia 9400 compared to 256mb of the new gt330? Thanks in advance

g5, Mac OS X (10.6)
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    sorry to answer a question with a question...I am in the same boat. Looking to purchase my first MBP...have been waiting since December for the new processors to be announced.Very dissapointed the MBP13 still has the core 2 duo. I am an average user ie: internet, music, photos and I am sure the core 2 duo would meet my needs. However I always want to buy the latest technology if possible.
    My concern is if I purchase the 13 inch MBP with the core2 duo I will not be able to run some future features that might only run with the i3/i5,i7.(such as wireless transmission to hdtv) But the cost to jump to the mbp 15 is $600
    Any thoughts, suggestions appreciated!
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    Hello and welcome to Mac's and these forums. rbarra in regards to your questions about weather or not it is worth is to go to the i series Macbook Pro. I would have to say that for video editing the Core 2 will get the job done. And in comparison with the G5 it will still be considerable faster. Will65 for what you are using your computer for the Core 2 will also be fine. I wouldn't worry about the future technologies as Apple tends to update their hardware every 6-8 months anyway. Here is a link to a Geekbench benchmark test run on the previous model macbook pros and the new models.


    Hope this helps.
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    If I was in your situation and I could afford the new i5 I would go for it.
    Any sort of video editing, especially in FCP will see a speed difference.
    And the i5 should last you longer before you need to replace it. Apple made other
    changes in this new MBP not just the i5 chip that make it a substantial upgrade in my opinion.