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I did an erase and install of 10.6 this weekend, and then updated my system to 10.6.3. After I had installed 10.6, Safari worked fine. However, after I installed 10.6.3 (and all of the subsequent updates after that), I have noticed that Safari has major problems. Most of the time, it will not load sites on the first go round. I have to enter a site, press enter, and then press enter again for it to load or it will just sit and think about it. Also, sometimes it will partially load a site. By partially I mean there will be parts of graphics missing or something similar, even on the Apple start page. I thought maybe something got screwed up during install, so I did another erase and install just to be sure. Same results, worked fine with 10.6 but nada on 10.6.3. I have tried the suggestions that I've found on this site and others (such as http://discussions.info.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=11305890) without success. It really irritates me that I cannot use Safari, as I like it much better than Chrome or FF. Right now I'm using Chrome, which has no problems, because I need to be able to use the internet. I've tried everything I can think of from repair permissions to resetting the PRAM/SMC. I even set up an account on opendns to try and get this fixed. Nothing works. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated.

13" MBP, Mac OS X (10.6.3)
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    The most up to date version of Safari is 4.0.5, check to see if that is what you are running. If it is not then go to www.apple.com/downloads and download 4.0.5.


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    Hi Roger,
    Yes, I am running Safari 4.0.5. The only software, other than the stock Apple software, on this system is Microsoft Office 2008, OpenDNS updater, Google Earth, Google Chrome, Firefox, Handbrake, VLC, and Dropbox. I've been using Macs for many years and have never experienced this. I have Applecare, so maybe I'll just make a trip down to the local Apple store and see what they make of it. Thanks for the suggestion.