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I have Aperture 3 - it is a nice program, but two things are happening to my program.

1 - the little wheel almost continuously spins and indicates processing. Doesn't thing program ever not process

2 - often times, the program does not respond. I have to force quit it (on the mac). I have not been able to find an particular aperture feature that causes it to not respond.

imac A1225, Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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    The Processing issues may be related to the installation of Aperture 3. Even a small library can take a long time, leave the machine running for a day or two. The Ram is important also 4gig ? Any less is not good. Allan
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    There are many posts here that address your problem with various solutions.

    You provide so little information about your Aperture install that it's difficult to know where to start looking at your problem.

    Did you upgrade from Aperture 2? How did you convert/import your Aperture 2 Library?

    Are you on the latest version, Aperture 3.0.2? Is all your other Apple software up-to-date via Software Update?

    Roughly how many photos are in your library? Are all the masters managed by Aperture or are you using referenced files (masters stored elsewhere)? Are any of the photos in Aperture also from third-party vendors such as Adobe's Photoshop (if so, what version of Photoshop)? Are any photos extremely large, i.e. about 100 MB? If you are using referenced files, are they all online and accessible or is Aperture looking for them and can't find them?

    You can help identify what images are being processed when you start Aperture by opening the activity screen. Window -> Show Activity.

    You may have some files that cause Aperture difficulty and may even need to be exported and deleted (then re-imported) to clear the problem. Activity panel will show you the filenames as they are processed; any that take much longer than normal are a potential source of your problem.

    You may also have a damaged database. Quit Aperture and restart it while holding down the OPTION and COMMAND keys. That will bring up a panel to correct database problems. Try the various options suggested.

    You may have a problem with preview images or thumbnails. They can all be deleted and regenerated. The best way to get rid of existing thumbnails is in the Finder. Close Aperture. Control-click on the Aperture 3 Library and select the item Show Package Contents. You'll see a folder called Thumbnails. Drag the whole folder to your desktop or move it to the Trash. The next time you start Aperture, it will recognize you are missing thumbnails and regenerate them all for you. And due to an earlier bug with Aperture 3, the thumbnails will take up less space.

    That should get you started.
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    Hi Allan

    Just a small but important point to folks... I only have 2GB Ram on my imac... been meaning to update it forever, but having said that I am running a 250Gb library on my internal HD and a further 125GB referenced on an external HD... runs like a prayer...

    Regards..... Gerry..
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    This size of library is going to take a long long time to up-date. I think you should consider getting more RAM You need 1gig for the operating system and 1gig for Aperture. Nothing left to work with on your images with. You must be lucky. Allan