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i'm so excited to have my newest baby, my ipad. got it last apr. 3 but i noticed that i can't actually use it w/o having to connect to a known wifi spot. well till now i can't enjoy using it, so could anybody please help me choose the best wireless router that would be compatible with my ipad. i have a dsl verizon line with its own modem. i'm not really a techy person, its just that i love collecting apples gadgets. i'm planning to get a broadband to go from at&t or verizon so as i could use my ipad more often when i'm out. is the a good decision or what. sorry too many questions....

mac pro, Mac OS 9.0.x
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    The Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station may be the best router for compatibility with the iPad, but you don't need to spend that much money for a good home wireless router.

    The Buffalo Technology WZR-HP-G300NH is a nice router for about $100 US. I have tested it, and it works fine with my iPad. If you also are looking for cellular connections, I think you would be better off getting a 3G iPad and selling your Wi-Fi iPad since getting a 3G router just for connecting your iPad is overkill.
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    Welcome to Apple Discussions!

    I've been using a $99 Airport Express and it works great! This would be a good option if you have a small enough space that you would always be in its range, as its range is smaller than that of an airport extreme.

    Not sure which Mac you have, but with many you can share the internet connection using your Mac. Until we got the Airport Express, I had dial up on the iBook and shared it with the MBP using AirPort. (How lame is that!)

    I have a Virgin Mobile for my MBP, but hadn't thought about whether it can be used with the iPad. Something to look into before the next trip.
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    If you're looking for internet access on the go, I would seriously consider selling your wi-fi version and getting a 3g version. The iPad 3G plan is MUCH better than any others out there (unless you need to have multiple devices connected to one plan in which case you might be better going with something like Verizon's Mifi service).

    The iPad 3G plan can cost as little as $15 per month, or if you don't need it all the time, you can pay nothing and just add service when you need it.

    If you sell your iPad on Ebay now, you might get back what you paid for it or even a small premium. The 3G versions come out on Friday.
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    my suggestion is to get an 802.11 "N" device.
    My home network is running airport expresses x 3, extreme, and mac mini, at origin connected to a netcomm dsl2+ router modem. Being you have the modem, I would consider a new or refurbed airport device (you can buy online from apple).
    I wound up changing my modem out for a modem/router combined as I was getting some lag between the initial modem and router, the using hte airport devices as repeaters (I have a long house and lots of double brick walls).

    good luck
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    I am using clear hotspot which is the cradle point 300 router. It is a single band with wireless g.

    Does anyone know of any dual band routers that have wireless n that would work as a hotspot for travel.

    I think if you had a router like that to use with clearwire it would actually be usable for streaming video as opposed to basic internet....

    I am considering the cradlepoint 900 but this is a single band router with wireless n.

    Any ideas?

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    That sounds like a good plan--I'm not sure any of the Broadband 2 go devices are compatible with the iPad. Definitely something to check before buying one.
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    I am not using a router, but I do have the verizon my-fi so I have my own mobile hot spot wherever I go. I really had no choice since where I live there is no at & t service but the my-fi works great.
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    Because of the wifi issues with my iPad, I recently sold my simultaneous dual 'N' band LinkSys WRT610N router, and after doing quite a bit of research, got the Netgear WNDR3700. It gets very good ratings from a number of sources. Unfortunately, it did not solve my iPad problem but I can recommend the router. Picked it up from Staples for$150 less a$25 coupon I had.