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I have a 2x Dual-Core Xeon XServe, running OS X Server 10.6.3, and a DroboPro. I was able to succesfully connect the Drobo, but data transfers turned up FireWire errors. They show up on Console, but don't pop up as drive errors. The errors trace to the method
(the error mesage is "fast packet start length < orblength)")

Unfortunately, after having spoken with both Apple Enterprise Support and Drobo support, no one has given me a solution. Apple indicated that the problem is known, however; unfortunately, they have no front-facing information. Drobo didn't know about the problem. Apple stated that the problem may have to do with memory (my XServe has 32GB). I was not able to reproduce the error on a MacBook Pro, but it had much less RAM.

Anyone else having this problem? The best IO I can do right now is iSCSI, which is not as fast (in theory it should be, but that's ignoring overhead). iSCSI is only marginally faster than USB.

XServe, Mac OS X (10.6.3)
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