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Phillip Roh Level 2 (255 points)
I have quicktime pro and a quicktime movie. When I originally exported the file from FCP, I was using a bad audio track. I have the new audio track from my sound guy, but this file needs to be delivered to a transfer house asap. It's a 100 GB 10-bit PAL movie. Is there a way I can open the file in quicktime player, delete the present track, then somehow 'attach' the new track?

If so, would the process be faster than exporting a new file from my timeline?

quicktime pro 7
  • Patrick Sheffield Level 7 (29,175 points)
    Yes, you would open the clip and the new audio in QT Player. Select the clip. Delete audio tracks. Select the new audio player, select all, copy. Go to the clip (that you've deleted the audio from), position at the beginning and do an EDIT/Add to Movie...

    Save. Whether this is faster or not, I cannot say, but it leaves the video intact and replaces the audio.