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My iPad doesn't stay connected to my router, I sometimes go a few days without problem, but other days it drops connection and gives me enter key screen or the screen with available connections with mine included. My only fix is to reboot my iPad, then reconnects fine. Sometimes, I'm doing over and over again, I had to reboot my iPad 5 times today in about 3 hrs of use.
I'm using ATT and their 2Wire Router. I use the Wi Fi on my Toshiba Laptop too, no connection problems using my laptop.

Apple needs a fix here.

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    I was going to pre order the 3g but after reading everyones post for days here
    I changed my mind It's crazy! I can't spend $700 dollars on something i know
    is going to cause me grief. I to have a 2wire.. brand new one.. and my toshiba laptop and ipod touch works great with it. I'm afraid the ipad will be a conflict for sure.also my sons iphone works fine too.
    Why the heck did they release this thing before making sure it would work with
    all wifi situations. and why did'nt they set it up like the ipod touch wifi?
    Apple should at least come out and explain that they are fixing it before they try to sell any more of these. wait until europe gets theirs yikes!
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    Try a "reset network settings" on the iPad and reconnect. If the drops continue try to just turn it off and back on again instead of a reset. If you tried these sorry. There are a lot of other suggestions on the board too (switching to WPA security on the router, etc.). Many of us are patiently waiting for a patch so you are not alone.
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    I have att uverse with a 2wire router (router is over a year old...) and I was having the password prompt and/or dropped wireless connection problem when my wireless was asleep (during reading an ebook, or when it was idle or or when I was playing an offline game, etc...) Because the router controls my tv and phone too, replacing it or changing it too much was not a viable option. I have started turning my wireless off when the ipad is going to be inactive to the internet for awhile, and turning it back on when I need to use an internet app. This has fixed the problem for me.

    I also make sure that when I am charging it in its stand overnight that I turn it all the way off and not just put it to sleep.

    I have not had the dropped connection problem since I started doing this.

    I have a macbook pro, an iphone, and an aluminum macbook which are all also connected to the network fine.