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I went to listen to an album I imported from CD on March 20th. I got back an error message that it cannot locate the file. Thought I have listened to it several times since importing I cannot locate it.

The location is given as file://localhost/Volumes/Music Library/iTunes/iTunes Media/artist name/album title

The Volumes is an external hard where my library resides the rest of the file path is correct except for the beginning file://localhost. I have tried ever search I can think of but no luck. What happened and can I retrieve this file? I should mentioned I searched Time Machine back to the date of import (March 20th) and the file is just gone from the library even though I know I have listened to it since that date.

iMac 20 inch late 2007 1GB RAM 250 GB HD, Mac OS X (10.6.3), Time Capsule, Apple TV, My Book External Hard Drive
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    Okay, I wasn't crazy, I have listened to it. The album is on my Apple TV, synched to the hard drive, but the actual library file is no where to be found in iTunes.
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    I too am having this problem, as a few of my movies (which I purchased as well as music, apps, ect.) come up as "local host" and cannot find them. Any help would be great as this is very frustrating.
  • mwheelerk Level 1 Level 1
    I am not sure this will resolve it but I did find something.
    Open Finder and follow you iTunes path to iTunes Media and then to Music or in your case Movies. You should now see the folder list of your movie titles. Scroll through those folders. See if within your movie title folders there is another folder titles Movies. Click on that and see if you missing item is there. I discovered this other Music folder in mine. I think it occurred when I told iTunes to organize my library. Anyway there were missing files there. I had to move them back to the original Music folder (again in your case Movie) and everything was back. It was a pain to move them back but that may have been more to my lack of knowledge of how to do it than anything.
    I hope this might help.
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    Found another possible solution that's been working for me. Delete the files to your recycle bin. Then go into the recycle bin and restore. It will put them back to their original location. You will need to get the album artwork again though. Hope this helps.
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    I had this problem and solved it by moving all the album folders to the "iTunes\iTunes Media" folder
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    That of course is where the files need to be. The issue is why did the file "disappear" and show as "local Host" rather than in the iTunes Media files as the Preference Path indicated?