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    Interesting thread - My research was prompted by a recent acquisition which arrived yesterday "as new" MBP 15 i7 with HRes matt screen (love it), ebay seller had it less than a month. A system profile check confirmed specs but power looked odd with a 108 cycle count on the battery so looked up and landed here. Grabbed coconutB and Xbattery (both excellent apps) and did a calibrate with next to nothing running. Activity monitor showed CPU at 98-99% idle and 90% idle with screen saver running.
    Lasted about 3.1/4 hrs before forced sleep from 90% charge (when I had installed XBattery)
    CoconutBat lists capacity now at 92%, 6387 mAh of original - 6900mAh and age 4 months.
    If it runs out of puff that fast in full holiday mode how much HD video editing am I going to get in the field? I have a car power inverter but thats hardly the point.
    I had thought that 108 cycles was theoretically impossible given it had been in use for less than a month, but at this sort of discharge rate, maybe not.
    Feels like I've bought the ferrari but need a tanker escort with onroad refueling to get past the local shops
    Hopefully, I can get some reassurance when I phone Apple on monday.

    Chs all
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    Thanks for building the app that switches graphics cards - good job, neat, small and handy to have.
  • bitninja Level 1 (10 points)
    No problem - glad it's useful to you!

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    @cody Thanks, I just donated a small amount, but it's made inordinately happy to be able to pinpoint why my battery life was so much less than my previous old macbook pro 13"
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    yeah thanks amillion for the app man.. Works great.. Went from 4 hours to 6.9 hours
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    I also have this laptop and am experiencing terrible battery life.
    With the Nvidia card activated, I get 4 hours at most with brightness about 25%, light web-browsing, light downloading, no bluetooth and Skyping.
    Using the gfxCardStatus app to switch to Intel's GPU it adds an hour at most, pushing it up to just over 5 hours but still nowhere near the 8-9 hrs advertised.

    Full charge capacity: 6707
    Cycle count: 34

    I've had it for a month now.
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    My battery on a MacBook Pro 2.53 GHz (Mid 2010) lasted 11 hours and 08 minutes.
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    I'm impressed you get so much life out of your battery. My battery usually drops from 100% to 85% within half an hour. Though, I'm in testing phase now. Cody's gfxCardStatus app is cool and it helps me force my computer into intel graphics mode. I'll gice that, plus some calibration a chance. It's 3 weeks old and already it has 21 load cycles. Is this normal? Seems like alot! It's one each day!

    I have to note that I have a 7200 RPM hdd in my computer. 8GB RAM too, if that matters.

    Anyway, I had the 2.53GHz model with the 9400M chips before I got this one. It was the cheapest 15" model at the start of this year. It had 4GB RAM and the same 7200 RPM hdd as I'm using right now (I bought it 1 month befor I got my new computer, which only had a 5400 RMP hdd in it, so I reused it. It's fine). That computer had way better battery life, and that's NOT expected as the new computer is almost 25% more expensive and claims the same battery life.

    While I write this post, using Cody's app to force my computer to use the intel graphics I seem to be able to get 5 hours on a full charge. But I do have ful screen brightness, wifi on and some backlighting on the keyboard. Still, this isn't what I was getting from my previous computer. And before Cody's app I would probably only get up to a max of 2,5 hours with the same settings, so there's definatly with the graphics.
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