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I am encountering a problem when I am synchronizing my music from iTunes to my iPhone (and also to iPod, although here the problem is not so great). On my iPod, all the names of the playlists I want to synch appear but then they are empty - instead of the song list it states that I can transfer songs from iTunes. But this is just a problem for some playlists, abut half of them do contain the music - but then again, some only partially.
The latter problem appears on my iPod too - with one particular paylist from which half the songs are missing.
Is this a general iTunes OR iPhone problem?
I d appreciate help with this issue. Thanks!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4), iPhone 3G
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    I am having a similar problem.
    I wonder if the original source of the music is an issue? Where did you get the music that wont transfer?
    I have recently digitized some old vinyl LPs into iTunes. However when I sync my itouch none of them are transferred.
    I notice on Apples support they frequently refer to your "purchased" music when describing syncing. Maybe if it doesn't recognize a commercial product and some proof you own it (like inserting a CD) it doesn't move it.
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    Since my recent response I have solved my problem. I highlighted the albums that hadn't tx and then <command i> (get info) assigned a genre to each album, then clarified the sync instructions to include entire music library, then everything went over. I suspect the second move was the significant one. A bonehead error initially. Probobaly doesn't help you but you might make sure there's nothing odd about the tracks not transferring, open 'get info' and ck.