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Just bought a nice small Canon video cam which records in AVCHD of course. So... quick question...

Can Compressor encode .mts files into a ProRes file or not?

When I try to add an .mts file to start a batch, Compressor will not accept it.

Thanks heaps.


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    I'm also having the same issue. I can't get quicktime to see the plain .MTS file but final cut 7 will accept the native BDMV file form the memory cards folder structure.

    I would like to use the plain .MTS file so I can run an automator script to transcode my video as it is ingested into the system from a wireless eye-fi card, but automator and Toast (only app that can read a plain .MTS file) don't play nice with each other....

    So does anyone know if there is a way to get this to work with compressor. Its kinda sad that Final Cut Studio 7 doesnt come with more support for this?
  • Paul Figgiani Level 3 (785 points)
    Compressor will not transcode AVCHD. And you cannot edit AVCHD natively in FCP. You need to use *Log and Transfer* in FCP ... transcode to ProRes.

    Or, look into Clipwrap.


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    You can't use 'Log and Transfer' unless you have the complete folder/file structure intact. If you delete any file before using 'L&T', you must convert/transcode your .MTS files.

    I have tried using 'ClipWrap', but its not totally reliable. I have been advised to use 'MPEG Streamclip' and I have tried that, but it will NOT even recognize the .MTS files.

    My question is this, is there an excellent quality converting program out there, that will convert .MTS files into Apple ProRes 422?
  • OmegaProductions Level 1 (40 points)
    Compressor doesnt unwrap the files.

    FCP L&T does this.

    Hope that helps!

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    Yes, SJ, FCP L&T does convert AVCHD/.MTS files into ProRes or AIC, however, L&T does not work if the folders or files have been altered or if anything has been deleted from the folder or files.

    As I have been researching this the past month, I have seen hundreds of posts on people asking which converter program to use for .MTS files. Other folks have mistakingly saved just the 'STREAM' folder or have done something similar and now L&T will not recognize the .MTS files. What I'm searching for and I know many others are searching for, is an excellent quality conversion program that will convert .MTS into Apple ProRes 422.

    PavTube, MovieConverter Studio, MPEG Streamclip, and others suck, they will only convert into a .mov with an H.264(amongst many other non-professional formats and codecs) and then you have to render the files in FCP and the quality takes a major hit. These cheap $35-50 programs will NOT convert to Apple ProRes and they are unreliable.
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    Telestream's Episode Pro are currently looking at building an importer as a QT Component for transcoding but currently there's nothing that great out.

    This may do it;

    http://www.flvsoft.com/convert-mts-m2ts-converter/?gclid=COXI3dfP26ICFUIA4wodjEb kxA

    However you again may need the folder structure to unwrap also.

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    OK, I've just got a new Canon HFS21 and been down the same road, with success!
    1) Sorenson Squeeze 6 will import and play the .mts files, and convert them to another format - you can take the .mts file on its own to do this. Best codec for import to FCP 7.02 is Apple component yuv. (ProRes 4444 fails - I have a support ticket in with Sorenson re this). BUT this approach re-compresses the file... and you wind up with very large files, not to mention a time-consuming compression process.
    2) Moyea MTS convertor can do a "MOV Video Remux" which TRANSCODES the .mts video and audio into a QT file wrapper without re-encoding... No re-compression gives best quality etc I have not yet tested this exhaustively, but the ile seems to import into FCP ok.
    3) FCP log&transfer only has limited import format options, and also re-compresses the video etc.
    4) Squeeze 6 so far produces the best quality results using the Apple component yuv codec.
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    I'm pleased to report that the new version of ClipWrap works perfectly for my files, in fact produces a far better result that Sorenson Squeeze in terms of colour fidelity, AND it's really fast because it just re-wraps the h.264 data (with sound) into a Quicktime file which inports into FCP perfectly.

    Moyea MTS convertor unfortunately does not transcode progressive footage properly - so that was a waste of $.
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    I'm having the same issues of trying to convert my .MTS files into ProRes. I cannot get my L&T to convert the .MTS files. The only converter program I have seen work (through YouTube) is Toast Titanium. There is a video on YouTube showing you step by step how to take your .MTS files and convert them to ProRes 422, then exporting them to FCP. I was told to look at MPEG Streamclip, but I have not found any info convincing me it will convert .MTS files to ProRes.

    I have not personally tried Toast Titanium, but you may research for yourself.

    - Oscar