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I thought I had this idea worked out, but I can't get what I want.

What I have:
A pile of old VHS tapes I want to make into DVD's and put on an old G4 powermac connected to my TV.
A Canon Optura 60 Digital Camcorder.
iLife 09
Toast Titanium 10

What I have done.
Connected the VCR through the Canon Camcorder to my iMac.
Opened iMovie and imported a movie into an "Event".
Put the event into a project in iMovie.
Shared the project to iTunes (medium and large).
Shared the project to iDVD.

The iTunes movie is playable but the quality is terrible (much lower then the VHS directly).
iDVD cannot use the movie because it is longer then 2hrs. (2 hrs 2 minutes) - I tried to shorten the movie to 1 hr and 59 minutes but iDVD still says it is too long to make a DVD.
Toast cannot open the iMovie stuff because it isn't "shared".

My wish:
I want to make a DVD (mainly as a backup).
I want to have the same quality video as the VHS on the Mac connected to the TV.

Can I do this with what I have? If so how? What am I missing?


24" iMac 3.06; Mac Mini; PowerMac G4; & Powerbook G4, Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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    Let me assume that these movies are important to you and that you want the best quality possible.

    I would use iMovie 06 with iDVD 09.

    iMovie 09 uses 'single field processing' meaning every other horizontal line of the video is thrown out, which reduces the sharpness of the footage. iMovie 06 uses ALL of the image to form the video.

    Your workflow is editing DV clips and making DVDs, so iMovie 06 is better suited. Your movie will arrive at iDVD in DV format, which is an ideal match for making a DVD: same resolution, same pixels aspect ratio, and original quality. If you share your movie from iMovie 09, it gets re-rendered at 640x480 or less, and then iDVD upscales it back to 720x480. The end result is obviously not as good.

    iMovie 06 and iDVD 09 is a "lossless" combination.

    iMovie 09 is a wonderful program assuming that you're using it for what it was designed to do, assemble videos to share on the Internet.
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    One followup. I found and loaded iMovie HD (from my G4) and it appears to be from iLife 06. Is this the right version you mentioned?