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Ok . . . Long story.

My G5 recently died on me. (I think it's the power supply, but that is another story entirely!!)

Borrowed a another G5 temporarily. Swapped the hard drives so I can continue working.

Logic now asks for serial number!! I have no note of it! Packaging is locked up in storage far away!! (Long story as to why. I'll get to it eventually but need an immediate solution!!)

Is there a way of "obtaining" the serial no. within the files logic accesses on the hard drive??

Power Mac G5 Dual 2.5ghz, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Please not I DO NOT want to put in a different serial no.

    Just want a way to access the one that is in there, somewhere . . . and re-input it.

    Any help would be appreciated . . .
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    I still get amazed that people can spend hundreds of notes on software and not even document their serial numbers somewhere safe... !

    No, you cannot read it directly off the drive as it's stored in the authorisation file in an encrypted format. You can only read it on the splash screen as Logic starts.

    However, if you copy the authorisation file from your old drive to the new one, if possible, it may work.

    /Library/Application Support/ProApps/Logic Studio System ID

    Edit: Oh, you are using the same drive, and it's prompting you as it recognises the computer is different... In which case, if you registered your software with Apple they might be able to tell you your serial number.

    Once you get it back, I recommend having a file on your computer somewhere (and other places) containing records of this stuff, so you don't find yourself in the same situation again in the future.
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    Hi there...it actually sounds like this poster did, and now they're just geographically removed from the location where the serial numbers are stored.

    I do agree wholeheartedly with your suggestion, though...and I keep a running file of serial numbers on my computer(s) for that reason.

    (Oh, by the way...I read your listing of "clever" errors for Logic/Garageband and found it hilarious. It really improved my day! Do you have any other such "lists"?)

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    Well...here's another thought. If you're relatively handy and the person you borrowed the G5 from won't mind, you could always swap the power supplies between machines.

    I must tell you that there is some risk to this. Namely, if your system has something wrong other than the power supply, it may damage the working supply. That's pretty unlikely (computer power supplies should always shutdown in the fact of a problem, and many times they do without lasting damage) but possible.
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    (Oh, by the way...I read your listing of "clever" errors for Logic/Garageband and found it hilarious. It really improved my day! Do you have any other such "lists"?)

    Hehe - I occasionally try (and even less occasionally succeed) to be funny (well, *geek funny*, which is close) from time to time, as my whims take me (and they should probably take me far, far away).

    But I can't say I keep a handy pocket reference of my attempted witticisms. Although that does sound like the title of just the sort of book that would do massively well - "A Handy Pocket Reference of My Attempted Witticisms", by Some Bloke on the Internets.

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