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I currently have iTunes serving my laptops from my home server. Just wondering if my iPad is capable of playing my music, photos, videos, etc. From my itunes server thru an app or possibly from future updates???

Ipad, iPhone OS 3.1.3
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    An iPad requires the content to be synced onto the device via iTunes on a computer. The content in iTunes needs to be local, in the sense that you can place it in playlists on that computer. I do not know how you have set up your content to be served from a home server.

    Future updates? We are just other users. We do not have crystal balls that tell us the future.
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    My server has an Itunes server application with all my data stored on it (music, photos, etc.). It is connected to my wireless router. My laptops have itunes on them. The itunes directory on my laptop is pointed to my itunes server(instead of the local machine). My laptops will play all my music, photos, and videos from the server wirelessly (and flawlessly). If I download a song or movie from Itunes on my laptop, it will upload to my server rather than my laptop. All my data is centrally stored this way. I have over 75GB of music and 50gb of pics on my server and it would be nice to be able to access it via my ipad wirelessly(as I do with my laptops)rather than downloading some of my music and some of my pictures to the ipad.
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    The iPad is like an iPod. It requires the content on the device. It needs to sync with iTunes.
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    I have struggling with this on my iPad attempting to do the same thing! It seems that the iPad cannot access iTunes served streamed media. The latest version of iTunes installed on computers can though. In my case, my NAS has a built-in iTunes server that all computer based iTunes clients can access with no problem. iPad's iTunes app doesn't allow the iPad to access remote media.

    Not sure why Apple decided to not let the device access streamed media, and I think this should be allowed in a future update. My NAS is a QNAP though, and QNAP has a free Qmobile app available at the iTunes store that allows my iPad to stream content from the server.

    You may have to find an app that allows your iPad to do what you want.
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    Air video in the app store.
    Does not play back drm'ed media, but will stream video.
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    Short answer: No. (unless someone has found a way to do this?)


    the iPad will pick up shared libraries using the iTunes home sharing function but not using NAS based iTunes servers.


    You can use 3rd party apps as suggested, although it's not quite the same as actually sharing your iTunes library.


    A work-around I'm using: Use a computer and keep it's itunes library on the NAS (via SMB), then share this library using home sharing. It's not ideal, but means the library isn't taking up space on your computer and you can stream to your iPad.


    Please let me know if anyone has any better solutions!

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    I had the same problem.  There is no way to natively stream media from an iTunes server to an IOS device.


    That being said, there is an easy way to do it.  Have a look at the free "Buzz Player" app.  It's simple to use, finds your shares on your local network automatically (UPNP/DNLA/Traditional Shares), and plays most formats of audio and video. 


    The REALLY nice thing about this is that with a little configuration you can stream your media on the go through Buzz Player (and an FTP connection) - I stream all types of media on a regular basis and it works FLAWLESSLY.

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    I am not sure if this is a terminolgy question, or a functional difference, but you can certainly play the content of your i tunes library on your pad using home sharing.  I do it all the time.  Does not sound as neat as streaming from a server, but is there a funtional difference?

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    Ah.. it's a slightly different thing:


    Home sharing allows you to play songs from your iTunes library on your computer on other iOS or iTunes clients.


    iTunes servers are sometimes found in NAS devices which allow you to offer up the iTunes library as a shared library on your network.


    The difference is very slight, but it means that iOS devices can't see shared iTunes libraries, so they can only play tracks which are part of home sharing.


    Hope that makes sense, someone else can probably explain it better than me..

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    There is a way around. Crazy one

    - Buy a Rasberry Pi,

    - put there 2G SD,

    - instal Ubuntu or other Linux

    - install WINE, (free download available here).

    - check to see if your version of Linux needs any extras installed to support iTunes or its files.

    - install 32bit version of Itunes for Windows

    - run it, use Home Share and enjoy