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    So, what drive did you have before and what did you replace it with? For now, all I can say is to try the Java app I wrote.

    I opened a ticket with Apple and they closed it, saying the problem was unit-specific. This might not be a rampant problem but how many units does it take? I wouldn't be surprised if the issue was sort of "brushed off" because I upgraded the drive but this has also affected people using their original drive. And it's not like I upgraded to something out of the ordinary - just a plain old SATA drive by one of the big manufacturers.

    In my mind, if a $1,800 laptop can't play YouTube videos without interruption, I would be better off with a $300 laptop running Linux.
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    Any update on this?
    Just replaced my few months old i7 MBP by a brand new one, and now, a few days later, I'm getting the same hangs / freezes. I just don't know what to do, it's so hard working on a computer hanging every 5 minutes for 2 minutes approximately.

    Oh, and sadly Spaaarky's fix doesn't work for me... How can this issue not be resolved by Apple after all this time?

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    Just thought I would chime in here since I'm in the midst of getting this sorted out.

    I have a mid-2010 MacBook Pro 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5 with 320 GB Hitachi HTS545032B9SA02 hard drive.

    I took it in about a month ago (early January) and had a **** of a time recreating the issue for them, but eventually they saw it happen. I also had some video of it happening which helped.

    They ran some tests on the hardware and nothing came back except it took a while to recognize the logic board, which the genius found to be cause for concern.

    So they replaced the logic board. There were also some weird console messages with iTunes so she recommended reformatting, which I did. I started fresh and did not restore from a backup. The first time it booted after reinstalling, I immediately got beach balls, but it wasn't quite as bad.

    A month later, I'm still having the issues. I'm a web developer, so I use the machine pretty heavily, but most of the time the beach balls happen during simple tasks - mostly with Safari and iTunes running.

    I took it in again this morning and once again it was really difficult to explain what's going on since there's really no consistent way to recreate the issue. When I mentioned to him that I had run off of a USB drive for a full day with no issues he decided to replace the hard drive and hard drive cable.

    I'm skeptical that the issue will actually be fixed after this repair considering other people have mentioned replacing the hard drive doesn't help, but we'll see.

    In hopes of finding some common ground, here are some unique aspects of my machine:

    - High res display
    - Adobe CS5 installed
    - I run a VM through Virtual Box (although I have the issues when it's not running)
    - I'm often connected to shared network drives

    I'll keep you guys updated with how the hard drive replacement goes.
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    This worked great for me so far. I've been running it for 3 days and NO problems. I use the MB Pro for live mixing and the lag has gone away even for that. Is there any way to have this run right from start up instead of clicking to run at start up.

    Some backgraound info: I purchased the MB Pro 15" w/500G 4G RAM, i% in late Nov 2010. It immediately had systemic beach ball problems on the web and most importantly on my software. The hard drive would speed up and it sounded like the fan would run with the beach ball presence. I replaced the hard drive and that did nothing. My White MB 13" from 2007 runs better than the new MB Pro. I'm very disappointed with Apple but your script def does the trick although it shouldn't have to. Thank you
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    Hy there! There's no need to worry anymore. I'm confident that Mac OS X Lion will fix any issue.

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    Well I had the exact freezing problem... I was so frustated... I purchased a Seagate

    ST9500420AS     and my beach ball problem is totally gone... I put the computer to extreme and everything perfect, copying, playing AVI, itunes music downloading, Real Audio downloading at the same time and no FREAKING Beach Ball... I am happy now...  This lap should last at least 2 more years to replacement YEEEESSS......

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    Huge thanks to spaaarky21


    After 3 days of messing around with what I thought was a HDD problem I stumbled across this thread after it became apparent that it the disk was fine.


    It took over 30 minutes to boot my Mac and download your file but so far, so good.  Eight applications running in parallel (Mail used to take over 15 minutes to load) with no rainbow wheel.  Fingers crossed the machine stays fixed.

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