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Hi everyone,

So the problem is that I cannot text one specific number (that I text on a daily basis); or rather the text is not getting through to that number... We can call each other and they can text me; but whenever I text them the SMS seems to go through fine on my phone but they never receive it. Texts to other numbers seem to be getting through fine and it happened pretty suddenly.

Any suggestions? I have already performed a Network Reset in the iPhone settings. Could this just be an issue with T-mobile? If so who should I contact about it to alert them - their 'customer care' team?

_Problem Details_

My info:
Phone - iPhone 3G with the latest software update that is commercially available through iTunes (I think that this is OS 3.1.3)
Network - O2
Location - Manchester, UK

Their info:
Phone - Nokia 2330
Network - T-mobile
Location - Manchester, UK

Thanks for any advice you can offer.


iPhone 3G, iPhone OS 3.1.3
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    Does this happen when you initiate the text? Have you tried to reply to a text they sent, and does that go through? Or, does it not go through no matter what? Have you been able to text anyone else that uses T-mobile and those texts go through?

    I would believe it was not a problem on your end, but you could always perform a reset, holding the power button and the home button together until you see the Apple logo, ignoring the slide to power off screen. That reboots the phone without losing any data. If it will still not work, I suggest having that person contact T-mobile and see if there is some type of block that is causing your text not to go through. You could contact T-mobile, however since you are not a customer, it would be a little more difficult for them to diagnose the problem. I'd say your friend shoudl call them.
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    I can send the text, whether in reply or as a normal message; and it appears to go through. No problems or issues seem to exist according to my phone. Because of this I am very much in agreement with you on your point that it is likely to be their phone/network...

    Not too sure about other T-mobile users as I'm not certain which of my contacts are with T-mobile (most people seem to use O2, Orange or Vodafone!)

    I have reset my phone and this made no difference to my SMS attempts

    I thought it might be a number block too, but phone calls get through fine and surely that would be prevented if my number was accidentally blocked?

    Thanks for your help I'll get my friend to contact T-mobile tonight...
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    I understand it appearing to go through on your phone, what I was inquiring was if it was received if it was a reply, versus you initiating the text. Again, if it doesn't go through either way, I still believe it is on their end. Good luck.
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    Got them to speak to T-mobile as suggested, problem solved


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    Glad everything worked out.