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I see lots of discussion of this in the forum, but no solutions if the basic "cycle the modem" doesn't work. I have reset Wi-Fi settings and restarted the modem and router. I have also reset the Touch. Wi-Fi is up and running, and to add insult to injury, one of my students easily connects with his 2nd Generation 8GB Touch.

Router: Airport Extreme, Version 7.4.2
Wireless Security: WPA/WPA2 Personal, 13-character password
Error Message: Unable to join network ___"

When I select the blue arrow next to the network name, IP Address, etc., is blank.


PowerBook G4, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Does your Touch work on any wi-fi network? It would help rule out the device itself vs. a setting.

    If you only have problem with this network, maybe try removing all security temporarily to see if you can get on at all. If so, then add security back one step at a time. Note that there are reports of problems where a network hides its SSID -- some devices won't have a problem with that, but some will. It is very ineffective security to hide the SSID anyway, so if that's an option I would let the router broadcast the SSID.
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    Try rockmyplimsoul's ideas first then if they dont work you should try reseting the device by going to:
    Settings, general, then scrolling down to the bottom where it says reset, click reset and select "reset Network Settings"
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    No, so far I'm 0 for three networks. You've lost me on the SSID. On my Airport Extreme, how do i not hide it? I don't see that as an option when I configure via the Airport Utility.

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    Hi zBob,

    That's where I started, to no avail.
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    Not familiar with how to set up an AE router, but if you're having trouble on other networks you might have a hardware problem with your Touch, or perhaps a software issue that might be corrected by Restoring (not resetting) the device.

    If you Restore the Touch, you might try selecting the option to restore it as a new iPod (i.e. don't re-load your last backup in case that's where the problem lies). Restoring as a new iPod will mean having to re-do all your preferences, set up your networks, e-mail, etc. in addition to re-loading all your media, but sometimes that's what it takes.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks, Rocky,

    I hope I don't have to restore. Loading my 50GB of tunes took a very, very long time! Maybe it's time to go see a Genius.
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    I have had a similar situation and have talked at length with the Apple technicians to no avail. My ipod touch is a 3rd generation, 32 mg. and I've just installed an Airport Extreme base station. I can connect my iPod touch at my local coffee shop, but I couldn't connect at home. I've done all of the things to try to connect....resetting, reinstalling, all of it...and it still remained the same.

    Finally, I have apparently hit on a solution! I enabled the Guest Network option on the Airport Extreme; my iPod touch recognizes it and voila! I am now connected!
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    Thanks for posting, Ahji. I was unable to connect to my Guest Network. Last weekend, I went to the Apple Store and consulted with a Genius, who did the basic diagnostics and re-loaded the software (Thus losing the 50GB of music it took over 30 hours to load. Where's Firewire?) to no avail. He recommended exchanging the iPod for a new one, but since it was a refurbished model, I had to send it back via FedEx and wait for the replacement.
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    dude try to do restore is be fix your problem!!! (he help me! )
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    Done! Didn't work.
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    When you restored your Touch, did you re-load your last backup or did you choose to set it up as a new iPod? If your last backup was corrupt in some way, then the problem would continue. Choosing to set it up as a new iPod at the end of the Restore process may help, but you'll not only have to re-load all your media you'll also have to re-enter all your preferences, network info, e-mail info, etc. etc. But if it solves your problem it would be worth the effort.
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    The Re-load was done at the Apple Store and as a new iPod. No go. The new one is on the way.