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  • wongnog Level 1 Level 1

    Having the same issue. Is there any solution or get around the problem?

  • mloubou Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for all your suggestions.  I downloaded Irfanview.  I went through and changed the orientation on all the "horizontal" photos, saved the file, and then went to view it in Irfanview Thumbnails.  The photos that I had rotated were all still in their original orientations.  What have I done wrong?


    I am using Windows XP on my PC.




    Mary Lou

  • mloubou Level 1 Level 1

    I'm not sure what you mean by doing the rotations in File Manager (from the icon).  If I just go into the pictures by clicking on the icon on my desk top - finding it through the My computer icon - they all look fine, with the correct orientation.  When I sync, they don't.  Help!


    Mary Lou

  • bevhoward Level 1 Level 1

    This is confusing because programs (including irfanview) do or do not orient depending on the image orientation flag contained in iOS images.


    In irfanview, there is a preferences option




    which controls wether or not irfanview will rotate the image based on the exif tag in the image.


    The best approach is to process all of the images based on their exif tag.  To do this on an entire folder of images at once using irfanview, start irfanview tumbnails and go to a folder.


    Select all of the images




    Select "Auto Rotate..." and then START


    The entire folder will be processed and any images who's "native orientation" does not match the exif orientation tag will be rotated so their "native orientation" will match the tag and the tag will be reset to the native orientation.


    Beverly Howard

  • bevhoward Level 1 Level 1

    Some additional information about what happens with images where the native orientation does not match the exif tag;


    GMail iOS client will orient images correctly

    GMail Web interface will orient images correctly within emails


    When you click VIEW within the GMail web interface, the orientation will depend on the browser.  For example;


    Safari will orient according to the exif tag


    FireFox will orient by the native orientation... i.e. all iOS images taken in portrait orientation will display in landscape orientation.


    Any iOS image taken in portrait orientation and uploaded to a web site will display in landscape orientation when viewed using any browser that does not look at jpeg exif tags such as FireFox.


    Many, if not most Email clients such as Thunderbird will do the same.


    Bottom line, if you do not process the exif orientation tags in iOS portrait images, sooner or later, they WILL display in the wrong orientation even if you use only viewers that shield you from the problem.


    Hope that this information is of value.

    Beverly Howard

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    One more note to clarify displaying images in a different orientation in iOS (4.2.1) Photos app...


    When you view an image tap and hold anywhere on the image.


    AS LONG AS YOU KEEP YOUR FINGER ON THE SCREEN, the image can be rotated in any direction.  As soon as you take your finger off of the screen, the image will rotate back according to the exif orientation tag.


    Beverly Howard

  • maglub Level 1 Level 1

    I can confirm this, as I wrote my own "rotation" mechanism in my photo album. Worked nicely for years, until I ran across an iPad2, in which Safari rotated my already rotated images and thumbnails.


    The issue was, that the tool I used to automate the rotation of my images never touched the exif-data. So the "Orientation" exif tag showed that the image should be rotated, even though it was already rotated. My windows boxes and most browsers ignored the Exif data, so my scripts were fine.


    The solution for me was that since I knew the location of the files, and they were copies of the originals, I could simply remove the "Orientation" exif tag using "esxiftool" in Linux, and voila, now it works everywhere.



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    I had the same problem, but thought it was strange because some of my old photos were being displayed on my iPad with the corrected orientation as shown/corrected on my PC, however some of the recent photos I had taken would only show as landscape on the iPad even though rotated and set to Portrait on my PC.


    I have always used plain old Microsoft Picture Manager (MPM) to sort and correct the display of my photos and then Photoshop to make and changes if needed, I remembered that somewhere along the line recently my laptop had started using Windows Photo Gallery to open my pics instead.  I am not sure why it had changed, probably something I had clicked on or agreed to by mistake along the way, and I regulary had to right click a photo to select Open with Microsoft Picture Manager to modify it with tools I was familair with, but this made me wonder if this was something to do with why some pics from a recent holiday were displaying correct and some from the same holiday and same camera where wrong.


    I have tried opening them again in MPM and re rotating then re-saving but it doesn't recognise any changes so this didnt work.  I reopened in Windows Photo Gallery (WPG), rotated again, resaved and re synched and yes this worked, but as I prefer MPM I tried other ways to re save in this program and found that if I opened the Folder in Windows Explorer, set the files set to display as Medium icons from the Views option on the Toolbar, then right clicked each photo that displayed wrong on the iPad, even if it was correct on the PC, then selected Rotate Clockwise or Counter Clockwise from the Right Click menu then I re synched my iPad and they are all now fine. You can eve use the multiple select tools of shift + click or Ctrl + click to modify lots of pics in one go.

    So it has got to be to do with the program used to rotate and save in the first place!

    Hope this helps someone, it has certainly made my day!

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    Well finally a simple fix for this ridiculous problem. I just went into each folder on my desktop which had them displaying correctly - selected ALL the photographs and rotated them one way and then back again. Then they all work perfectly on the iPad in the right orientation.

    Simples (Though shouldn't be necessary of course)

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    I just purchased an ipad. The display is beautiful and a wonderful way to show my photographs. I use a PC running windows 8, and utilize Irfanview to edit my photos. They all display in the correct orientation in Irfanview, but on the ipad SOME of them display incorrectly, including one landscape photo that turned sideways. I called apple support, and they explained how I can turn photos in the ipad by saving a new copy, but that is a stupid approach and does not really solve the problem on a large scale.



  • TryToMakeWorldMoreEasy Level 1 Level 1

    I had a similar problem. I posted my solution here:

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