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I have separately downloaded the same photos to 2 different iMacs. On one of these, I painstakingly set up a few iPhoto albums to display these photos in the desired order. (There are about 150 photos in each album. These were selected from nearly 2,000 photos.) I would like to copy these albums intact to my other iMac, which is at a different location (and therefore, not directly accessible.)

Is there a way to export or copy an iPhoto album to an external USB drive and then import it into another iMac in such a way, so as to avoid duplicating photos that are already on the new machine, yet still preserving the order of photos in the original album?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.3), iLife 2008
  • Terence Devlin Level 10 Level 10
    Copy the Library to the external USB drive. The bring it to the other Mac and use iPhoto Library Manager to move the Album over to the new machine.


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    Thank you. I will look into iPhoto Library Manager, but isn't there a way to do this without having to copy thousands of photos? That is, by just copying the album folder alone?
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    There is no "album folder" - albums are simply logical entries in the iPhoto library database

    You can:

    Connect the two machines together and use IPLM to move selected photos; or

    connect the two machines together and copy the entire iPhoto library over; or

    Export the photos on one machine and import them to the other machine - the first two are best as they keep the order and all attributes of the photos

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    Larry, thanks for the clarification. Keep in mind that my machines are at least 100 miles apart. So, when you say "connect the two machines together", is there a way to do so when one of them is remote? Or is my only option to use a removable USB drive?