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I agree with all the advantages of HTML Video. How do you use html video on your iweb site?

I want my iWeb site video to be viewable on iPads.

I have learned the technique to use the HTML Snippet tool in iWeb to successfully post Flash video. I created all of my animations using Kenote's keyframe ability and have exported them to Quicktime and then have converted them into flash with Vertical Moon's Video to SWF. Then simply upload the SWF file to a folder on your idisk, then use the Flash Video insert HTML Snippet and insert the idisk url of the SWF file and you are done. What is the technique for HTML Video?

I have found some HTML video encoders, here are the links:
http://www.projekktor.com/ the technique is not clear to me and appears complicated.
http://www.brightcove.com/en/ this one is way too expensive at $99 a month.
http://jilion.com/sublime/video this one looks great but is not yet available and I am guessing it is a converter that will make your iMovie Quicktime into HTML Video.

I have all of the i-Apps and Final Cut Express (2 revs out of date). Can I get the proper HTML video file from these programs, unless I am missing something I don't think so.

Most people do not believe I made my site completely with Keynote and iWeb but here it is. http//www.falcon-pacific.com

Thank You Very Much for considering my question. I will put the results on my iWeb site and the exact procedure and acknowledge all the sources of the solution.

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