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I bought this app because it provided useful tools like highlighting, notes, strikethrough, underlining, etc, of PDF docs. I was extremely frustrated that each time I tried to transfer a PDF to the iPad using the app's AJi Reader Service desktop app, it could cut out my wifi connection. I was close to pulling my hair out over it and demanding a refund.

Went to their site and there were several folks in the forum having the same issue. Aji tried to say its Apple and their wifi problems; users kept saying no it's not (me included), never had ANY wifi issues before using this app.

One very clever user figured it out ... if you have bluetooth enabled at the same time you are trying to transfer a PDF it will cut the wifi connection. Turn of BT and it works just fine.

Aji now knows the issue and will hopefully put out a fix. I think this is a very useful app, so I'm glad to hear someone found it. Granted, the app needs some new features like undo, but overall it's quite nice.

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