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David Strait Level 2 (200 points)
Now that the connection kit is shipping, perhaps someone can answer these questions. I want to use the iPad as a storage device for photos and (Flip) video when I travel to avoid carrying a laptop.

1) Can you view a raw image on the iPad that doesn't have a JPEG image paired with the raw image?

2) Can you then retrieve the raw image and copy to a computer in its original form?

3) Can you import, then retrieve Flip video files and copy to a computer in its original form?

Any other comments how useful the iPad will be for this purpose?



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  • sdingeldein Level 1 (5 points)
    I can answer the first one as I downloaded NEF (Nikon Raw) files this evening and they showed up fine on the iPad.

    I am interested in the second question as well.

  • David Strait Level 2 (200 points)
    Thanks SD,
    That is great to hear.... Can you move the raw file back to your computer in the original form?

  • Shadow99999 Level 1 (125 points)
    I've read that images synced from your computer to your iPad are compressed and the Raw files are not actually transferred to the iPad. I believe that if they are more than 3 megapixels, they will be shrunk to 3 megapixels internally on the iPad (this is still a lot more pixels than the iPad can display which allows zooming in). The compressed photos are about 1mb in size.

    For me, this would be preferable (otherwise the photos could quickly fill up the iPad memory).

    However, if you have the camera kit and transfer photos to the iPad, I would hope that these would be transferred untouched. Otherwise, the iPad is useless as a field backup.

  • teb Level 1 (35 points)
    I took some RAW files and uploaded them to the iPad. Native resolution 4000x3000 pixels and file size 14.6MB.

    I then connected the iPad to my computer and opened Lightroom. I imported the files to lightroom (copy files to new location and import). When I check the finder the files show 4000x3000 and they are 14.6MB.

    Note: iPhoto and Aperture also recognize the files for import.
  • David Strait Level 2 (200 points)
    This assures me that I can meet my primary goal for photo storage when traveling.

    Has anybody been able to import video from a flip HD video camera? If so, does it maintain the original format on export?

  • Shadow99999 Level 1 (125 points)
    Thanks for the update. However, when you say that you uploaded them, what did you use to upload them? Do you have the camera kit, or did you use iTunes?

  • teb Level 1 (35 points)
    You directly attach your iPad to the computer like you would do to synch but instead you open either iPhoto/Aperture/Lightroom (they all work) and chose to import. Your iPad will be recognized and you can chose the photos from it.
  • David Strait Level 2 (200 points)
    I had to read twice to make sure I understood. To clarify, you "Downloaded" raw photos from the camera to the iPad using the Camera Connection Kit, then "Uploaded" to the computer with the standard iPad (iPod) connector (i.e. you did use the connection kit).

    Please correct me I misunderstood.


  • teb Level 1 (35 points)
    Just to be clear...

    To get images to the ipad:
    You need to use one of the two camera connection kit dongles. I've used both. One with an SD card and the other connected to the camera. Both worked perfectly.

    To move images off the iPad to a computer:
    You do NOT need the camera connection kit. You use the regular USB iPad cable that came with your charger. Connect the iPad directly to the computer. This is exactly what you would do if you were synching your iPad or doing a firmware update. Instead of going into iTunes, open one of the photo apps. Start the input process as you would normally do from a card reader but the source of the files is the iPad. For example in Lightroom on the input pane you click where it shows the iPad and then the thumbnails will populate in the input pane.
  • David M Brewer Level 6 (9,365 points)
    The iPad doesn't support the mp4 videos from the flip camera. I've place a few flip videos onto my hard drive/ iTunes. During syncing process iTunes says it don't support these video. Not all mp4 videos are created equally.

    I have been able to put 1080p videos onto the iPad.
  • David Strait Level 2 (200 points)
    Wow. That is a surprise and a disappointment. If I understand correctly, you didn't attempt to transfer the video from the Flip directly to the iPad with the camera connection kit, but by syncing with your computer. If Flip videos don't load on the iPad via the computer, there is no way you could hope to use the camera connection kit to transfer Flip videos!

    I'm kind of amazed that Flip videos won't load at all!

  • RussW Level 1 (5 points)
    David Brewer, can you please outline how you got 1080p movies on the ipad. Did you use the camera connection kit? Or sync with iTunes? Are these hollywood movies, or homemade movies? What camera are you using.

    .Mov files from my 5D will not come across to ipad with sync or with CCK. Even 640x480 .mov will not come across. iPhone movies do play however.

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  • Max S. Gerber Level 1 (0 points)
    I know Teb said this, but it's a very, very crucial point and I just want to be extra clear that what I'm reading is correct. . .

    I know that when you import RAW files to the iPad via itunes syncing it resizes them to a much smaller "iPad compatible" format JPEG. Correct? So the question becomes, does this downsampling process NOT TAKE PLACE when using the direct camera connection kit?

    If I read your post correctly, Teb, you can take RAW files DIRECTLY to the iPad using the camera connection kit and then sync them OUT of the iPad directly into Lightroom (or Aperture, I'm hoping) and have them maintain as original sized RAW files. Is this right?

    This is a very crucial point that so far nobody at Apple has been able to answer for me (not even waiting on hold for several minutes with AppleCare), and it definitely determines what size iPad I'd look to get.

    Has anyone tried this with Canon CR2 files? I shoot a 5d mk II, no SD card - CompactFlash. So for an input I'd likely have to go directly from the camera line out, I'd imagine. Has anyone tried plugging a CF card reader into the USB port of the camera connection kit? Does this recognize? If so, does it have the same effect?

    So. . . We can get RAW files into the iPad and then OUT of the iPad again as native, unfiddled with RAW files. . . . Right?

    (Yes, I know I'm supposed to say "iPad", not "The iPad", but really. . . it just feels weird. It's not a proper name. It's not like Steve Jobs came on stage and said, "Now, introducing our new product line: Larry". . . .)


  • David Strait Level 2 (200 points)
    Yes. That is exactly what teb said. Raw files go in and out of the iPad "uncorrupted." He provided a link with the details in this other thread.

    I have seen other post confirming this.

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