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just wanted to know a few tricks or keyboard shortcuts.

on a pc, when i deleted some files, i always pressed the del-button and then the right-arrow to select 'yes'

on the mac it doesn't work the same. you press the cmd+backspace but when i press de right-arrow to select 'yes', it doesn't work.

it means i have to grab the mouse again. is there some shortcut or key to completely perform this operation with the keyboard.

  • Björn Herrmann Level 4 (2,485 points)
    Sure there is. Select full keyboard access in System Preferences/Keyboard. You will then be able to move around all dialogue boxes (and other controls) via TAB. In addition to ENTER which selects the glowing button, SPACE selects the blue surrounded button.

    You can also disable Finder’s "Do you reall want to delete" dialogue in its preferences.

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    it works
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    I’m not asking for points, but remember to close this so it isn’t marked as a question anymore.
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    There is also a setting in Finder Preferences to not confirm sending items to the trash. If you turn that off, you don't have to deal with the dialog at all.

    You'll find the full keyboard access quite useful, though. Another hidden gem on dialog boxes is that you can generally hit cmd+first letter of the button to click a particular button. I haven't seen one in a while, but I think if you have two buttons with same first letter, it won't select either.
  • Björn Herrmann Level 4 (2,485 points)
    And cmd+, often cancels things. Even though it’s not mentioned this Classic-era combo often still works.