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Hi all. I own a iPod shuffle (3rd Generation). I understand that you can listen to podcasts, songs and radio-style shows on iPod Shuffle. May i ask, what is radio-style show and is there any way that i can listen to radio with iPod Shuffle. I own a iPod touch too, but it requites wifi to listen to radio, so i was wondering if i can listen to radio on my iPod Shuffle.

Thank you in advance. xD

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    Hello luckfatez,

    The radio-style shows are referring to podcasts or recordings you have downloaded to your iTunes library either from the iTunes Store, or imported it from elsewhere. It's basically a recording of a radio show or radio-like show that you can import as a track into your iTunes library. And from there, import it to your iPod.

    And as for listening to the radio on your Shuffle, you cannot. Sorry.

    Hope this helps.

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    okay. Thank you for the info. xD